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  1. crippy


    Hi all, I have no problem using the import texture from file, and then paint bucket to apply it, but when it comes to night textures with sketchup and Model Converter X I am having some trouble figuring things out. First off, I don't see anywhere in SketchUp (2017 free) to select a "night" mode...
  2. crippy

    How to rotate view

    Just curious on how to rotate the view. I locked the view when in the sim, to mark and outline the ground polygons. It has left my view in a skewed position.
  3. crippy

    ADE and SketchUP object

    Hi all, I've tried following numerous guides on how to do this. I have a hangar I made in SketchUP with it's own texture files. I want to be able to import this hangar into ADE. I've followed multiple guides to the T but each time the airport scenery reverts to the default scenery. Here is my...
  4. crippy

    Adding Tow Function

    Hi all, I have been wanting to add a tow forward functionality to some of my older A2A planes that do not have the handy function build in. I park my airplanes in a actual hangar so pushing them in isn't a problem, but it is a bit unrealistic to start up inside the hangar. Initially I've setup...