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    FSXA Google maps photoscenery - is it legal?

    I am currently in the process of creating some freeware scenery for FSX, as part of this scenery, I have included some photoscenery made using google maps. I read somewhere that the EULA of google maps says that you are not allowed to redistribute the images. Does this mean that I cannot upload...
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    FSXA Adding runway lights to a custom runway

    Hi there. With much help from the FSDeveloper community, I have managed to create a custom runway for FSX. It looks great, but at night it is not lit up. My question is, is there a simple way to create runway centerline, edge and taxiway lights? Could it be done in Gmax by duplicating objects...
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    FSXA Custom Ground Polys for FSX

    Hi all. I would like to create a custom textured ground poly for FSX. Basically, the airport I'm working on has it's name emblazoned on the grass and I want to create a ground poly to represent this in FSX. I have read Bill Womack's very well written tutorial on creating runways in GMAX, but...
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    SBuilder Green Triangles

    Hi there. I'm trying to create some photoscenery using SBuilder, but when I compile the bgl and view the scenery in the sim, all I get are these green triangles floating in the sky above where the scenery should be (see attached screenshot). Does anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong?
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    SBuilder Causing FS2004 To Crash

    Hi there. I am currently making photoscenery for LEJR in Spain using SBuilder. However, when I compile the scenery and start FS2004, the sim loads to 55%, then encounters an error and has to close. All the scenery consists of is the map from which I have selected the photo scenery cells. What...
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    Custom Apron Markings & Textures

    Hi there, I am currently trying to model Jerez airport with a photo-real background and custom apron textures using SBuilder for FS2004. At the moment, I am trying to create custom apron markings like the ones found at the airport (red center lines, parking positions and large yellow stand...
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    ADE v1.26 Error Message On Startup

    Hi there guys. I recently bought a new laptop that is running Windows Vista and want to use ADE on it, the program installed fine but when I go to start it up I get an error message that starts "Acces to path 'C:\Program Files\Airport Design Editor\ade_200805.log' is denied" (I have attached a...
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    ADE 1.20 Compilation Error

    Hi there. I'm trying to edit to default LKPR airport using ADE v1.20 but when I come to compile the AFCAD, I get an error message. The message is too long to write here, so I've attached it as a .txt file. Please can somebody tell me what it means and how I stop it occuring? Many thanks, Josh
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    Whisplacer Instance ID Problems

    Hi guys. I was just having a play with Whisplacer 0.9, placing generic xml buildings, but I keep getting the same error message when I try to compile the .bgl regarding and invalid instance ID (having checked the xml file, Whisplacer is indeed giving everything an instance ID made up only of...
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    ILS And Parking Problems!

    I seem to be making more than my fair share of posts today, but nevermind! I'm adding the new runway to Antalya airport and i've come unstuck on the ILS. I've gone through the 'add ILS' dialogue, specifying the runway etc, but when I come to view the AI in FSX, they dog-leg the approach. The...
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    Copying Default Airport Buildings

    Hi there. I'm trying to update the default FSX Antalya airport (LTAI) with the new runway, apron and terminal using ADE And SBuilderX. The new terminal, to the south, has a nice curved front much like the existing one on the north apron. What i'd like to do is to copy the default north terminal...
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    Taxiway Designators

    Hi there. I'm trying to update the FSX default Antalya (LTAI) airport with the new apron and runway. However, I can't give the newly created taxiways the correct designators. In the 'designator' drop-down box, the only options displayed are pre-existing taxiways; i.e. I'm trying to put the...
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    SceneGenX - Seasonal Trees

    Hi there. I'm using SceneGenX to alter Jerez airport and I am trying to put some trees next to the apron. However, when I add vegitation with the object placer, it does not change appearance with the seasons. Is there any way of making the vegitation react to the seasons, like the autogen does...
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    Parking Radius Question

    Does anybody know where I can find out the parking radii for Aardvark/EVAI/Fruit Stand models? I'm trying to preclude the heavies from parking in the wrong place without having to resort to airline codes. Cheers, Josh
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    Problems with FSX KML Flattening

    I'm trying to flatten an area for and airport I am working on that is at an elevation of 640ft. However, when I create a flatten mask with FSX KML, it flattens the ground to sea level. How can I change this to the height I want? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Josh
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    Floatplane base problem with ADE

    Hi there. I'm trying to edit the default Lake Hood with ADE v1 (top-notch program by the way, many thanks) and i've run into a bit of a probelm. Basically, when I try to add taxiways and apron routes, the scenery seems to lock them to an altitude about 80ft below that of the surfact of the lake...