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  1. Vogel


    it would be very useful that created points inherit parent's attributes from polygon please ;) and add attribute FTYPE="Point" to this new points.
  2. Vogel

    Question about Scenery Folder Structure

    I would like to know the folder structure to use to create a scene in AFS2... where to put our custom Scenery folder and how organize the files in ? my small knowledge: - as I know the parent Scenery folder need 2 folders: "Images" and "Places" -> orthophotos (.ttc files) goes into "Images"...
  3. Vogel

    BGLBoundaries to .kml

    Hi Guys, I don't know if this kind of tool already existed but... I present you with a tool that allows you to generate a kml file to visualize the geographic boundaries of your .BGL files at the nearest LOD / Qmid And/or BGL Placements of library objects. Rather convenient to view in google...
  4. Vogel

    Help needed for Qmid To bounding box coordinates

    Hi, Could someone help me to find the relation between U and V from Qmid(level, U, V) and the coordinates (latitude, longitude) from the upper left corner please. I try something like: Latitude = (V+2exp(??)) x 360 / 2exp(level) or similar but it seems to work only for low level...
  5. Vogel

    AdAttributeIfInside step

    I have experimented the ADDATTRIBUTEIFINSIDE step in my script, and I feel that this function is much slower than old Scenproc revision (2015-2016) ... It's me or the algorithm and/or processing library has been changed since then? Otherwise maybe someone knows a batch or a command line...
  6. Vogel

    Problems with the new syntax of the latest Scenproc

    Hi Arno, before the scenproc syntax change, I could do a filtering on attributes without losing the features that did not possess this attribute in their table ... Exemple: Old syntax: PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE | FTYPE = LINE; bridge!1 | ....! New syntax: PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE | FTYPE = "LINE" And...
  7. Vogel

    and another one request... FILTERCROSSINGFEATURES

    with OSM filtering It's a reoccurring problem for me: building crossing each other. Would be helpful to add a function that avoid crossing ? maybe option to define percentage of crossing area tolerated 0%,10 %, 20%, 30 %. or maybe we can choose which building gets higher priority Big one or...
  8. Vogel


    hi again, there is the possibility to add an offset only at start of a line with PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE instruction ? then if I write this instruction twice and add a startoffset in the second one, I would get something like this: ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° _° ° ° ° °...
  9. Vogel


    Hi, It is possible to add an option to remove duplicate point (like filterduplicateline) with the possibility to remove point with or without the same "Altitude"; FILTERDUPLICATEPOINT|Z_on or FILTERDUPLICATEPOINT|Z_off
  10. Vogel


    Hi, I have done some test with the NOAUTOGENSUPPRESSION option but trees and buildings around are still removed CREATEXMLLIBOBJ|PointCATEG=4|{6f5854e3-9366-45cc-8ef1-f6db7736dbd2}|hdg|0|3|NOAUTOGENSUPPRESSION Have I missed something ?
  11. Vogel

    Random and GUID

  12. Vogel

    Bug in SPLITGRID Step ?

    Hi Arno, When I try to import complex polygonal shape into Sceneproc and convert it to polyvegetation I've got some strange result... for example: Before (IN .shp file) After Scenproc (OUT.shp file) And comparaison, of artefact zones... As you can see there are many...
  13. Vogel

    Agn Merge Tool

    Just a remaining of my tool: AGN Merge Tool post I would to present you what it was a simply guy at start for Arno tools (AGN2txt & txt2AGN) It was made to help merging between AGN Tiles from scenproc and AGN Tiles from AgenT or Autotree... since I've added some function more. For...
  14. Vogel

    FSX VogelTree, new tool for detecting vegetation like AgenT

    After trying to add a batch mode to AgenT vegetation detection with Macro Agent... Based on the principles of AgenT creator: Lars Hoyer, I've tried to make a new tool that I named very modestly VogelTree :D !!! based on excellent Arno's DLL !!! it's an utility dedicated to creation of...
  15. Vogel

    BMP format and DXT question

    Hi, In a tool coded in C#, I try to import a .bmp file in a the .Net Bitmap class... but it crash. In the wiki, I can see that FS use a special bmp file format with special header and DXT compression. I'm used to read&parse simple .txt file, but I don't know anything on reading a file...
  16. Vogel

    Improvement sugestion - Library object generator

    I suggest to add a new option to use with attribute filters of scenproc... Integration of an automatic generator of Library object by extrusion of the polygon(.shp) with adjust & assignment of a generic building texture. Interests: 1/to give possibility to assign different heights in...
  17. Vogel

    How to find Generic Building coordinates from AGN

    Hi, I need help to find coordinates of the 4 points of a Generic building. A Line extracted with agn2txt is writed like this: Genericbuilding X Y X' Y' X'' Y'' The coordinate of point1 is easy to find: X1=X and Y1=Y The coordinate of point3 seems to be: X3=X1+X'' and Y3=Y1+Y'' The coordinate...
  18. Vogel

    Generate vegetation automatically with AgenT

    Hi, It can help people who want generat quickly vegetation on many Tiles... I give you a link(translated from french) where i explain how to use AgenT automatically with a little Macro created with Super Macro... It's here To use the result into FSX use AGN Merge Tools to convert the...
  19. Vogel

    AGN2txt - new Line in .txt out

    Hi Arno, I've just seen that there is a new Line in the text file out from AGN2txt.exe. It's "Variant 0". can you give us the sense of this new line ? Thanks