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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Apple went crazy. :) 1bn for Samsung to pay. Now that's as insane as it gets. :laughing: And that from a company that has itself only copied stuff from BSD/Linux.
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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Found two new apps in standard Ubuntu 12.04 repos: Sorry, but I don't care about coffee. :)
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    Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

    Still to expensive for me. Same as for 1 Iphone I get almost 10 Xperia Mini pro. Updated to Android 4, it's even better. ;) So you can bet that I don't own a Mercedes...:D but a 16years old Audi A4 Avant. Still runs perfectly, but I want to trade for a electric vehicle soon.
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    X-Plane 10 global edition as new

    Hi for sale my once installed X-Plane 10 from Laminar Research. It comes with global scenery on 8 dual layer DVDs. Since recently it also includes all Aerosoft Airports alike Nice, Faro etc. via online update. Of course it's fully updatable for the whole X-Plane 10 circle. Priced at 50 Euros...
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    X-Plane Convention next month

    That's from the Mallorca convention:
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    FlightGear GIt Toolset

    I use this on Ubuntu: Why not put it in the Wiki? Anyway there's somebody else playing around RPM and I'll send him the fg link of your work. Probably he can merge etc.
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    Iar 80

    Now that's a fine plane: smoke when starting the engine etc.
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    Test pilot the future for FSX

    Yes cool stuff. Hopefully, it won't take years before we can try it...
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    FS9 or FSX - which platform do you support?

    Both are obsolete and I only fire up then and when FSX with Wine on Linux. Better to develop addons for Flightgear or X-Plane.
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    OT; Apple iPad HD is released

    Wasn't Apple in the news only some weeks ago for battery problems? No, my HTC was very good and I've installed lots of apps. I only felt better to sell and wait/have a look at newer and cheaper devices than to see it's value disappear. It costed my ~ 390.-$ and i got back ~300.- at ebay...
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    Nothing more easy but to redirect a can do such for free..don't remember right now the link. I even did alike some years ago.
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    Very good finding...maybe only someone makes fun out of redirecting to the NSA website?
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    OT; Apple iPad HD is released

    That's useless for me. It's only good for viewing video or read news, but not for being creative/work etc. I even had a HTC smartphone, but after mistakenly download crap for 100.- bucks, I've sold it at ebay.
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    MS Flight to be released end of February

    My minimal need is that it runs on Wine, otherways I'll trash it right away. :D
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    MS Flight to be released end of February

    Any PC should run that? Sounds good and if it runs on Linux, I might even buy this or that addon pack.
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    I'm running Rage/Steam on Linux/Wine but i doubt I'll ever buy a steam game is enough it's to annoying.
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    VC Adjustment in distance to the panel

    No, wrong you can zoom in/out 3D cockpits.
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    Linux - general discussion

    FSX works fine again on Linux/Wine. The bug has been fixed in the latest 1.3.* update.
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    Fly! Legacy, the open source flight simulator released

    No, even Rage etc. install such things without asking. if any problems occur it's your PC's fault. Anyway as someone pointed out, if already installed, the installer asks for repair or remove.
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    Fly! Legacy, the open source flight simulator released

    It's definitely M$ to blame, if their runtimes are incompatible! Simply installing the newest should fix it anyway or switch to another OS...Linux with WINE etc. On Vista for ex. I cannot even install the newest VC. Oh well I could if I could get installs for hours then rolls back...