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  1. L_Rob

    Setting material template options

    Hi Arno, This is a feature request for the feeble minded who cannot always remember to apply custom material templates. Would it be possible to include the specular color for the default transparent and default opaque templates in the MCX options? Depending on the sim settings one chooses, I...
  2. L_Rob

    A nice mention of Arno I would like to second Marcus's appreciation of what Arno does for us all. Without Arno, I would not be able to do any of what I am doing now. Thanks Arno,
  3. L_Rob

    rename texture operator - specify name?

    Hi guys, I’m doing a ‘repaint’ of a library with 50 or so objects all of which use the same small texture sheet. With Arno’s batch convert it’s easy to assign new GUIDs but it would be nice if I could assign my new texture name to each object without having to do it one by one, including the LM...
  4. L_Rob

    Display corruption when saving textures

    Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue since the Win 10 anniversary update: Since the Win 10 update, when I save textures with the Material Editor, both my two monitor screens become corrupted with various overlapping portions of minimized windows, and even more...
  5. L_Rob

    BGL no-show until saved as .mdl first

    Hi Guys, I've solved the following problem, but I have no idea of why it worked. Maybe someone has an explanation. I've done a number of static aircraft repaints based on the FSX DHC2 .mdl saved as .bgl with MCX. Needing another repaint for my current project, I took one of my old static...
  6. L_Rob

    Drawcall optimizer hangs

    I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if it’s just me: when I run the drawcall minimizer on at least some of my simple models that I suspect cannot be further optimized, it hangs after I click ‘Predict drawcalls'. On the other hand when this occurs, I can always just save the...
  7. L_Rob

    Auto Platform causing aircraft crashes?

    Hi guys, Maybe this one is for Arno, or maybe one of you knows what's going on. I used Arno's Auto Platform to harden the ground surface of my quite large 3D model and thought it worked great. (It added ~1000 platforms.) The cars would follow the streets in the model, and even use a freeway...
  8. L_Rob

    Elevation capture for SBuilder X

    Hi guys, Probably because I'm using the wrong terms as usual, I've been unable to find the name of a utility that I'm told allows you to slew to a given point, hit the tab key and have the elevation at that point transferred to a corresponding point in an SBuilder flatten poly. At least that...
  9. L_Rob

    P3D v3 Matching photo-real ground textures to a 3D terrain model

    Hi Guys, This one has me stumped. The goal is to have a perfect match between the ground surface texture of my large SU model and the adjacent photo-real ground texture compiled with SBuilder. I've managed fairly well in FSX, but in P3D v3 the lighting on the PR vs the model changes...
  10. L_Rob

    Feature Request: Auto Platform - downward pointing normal

    Hi Arno, I just discovered the usefulness of the Auto Platform feature. However it appears to function only with an upward pointing normal. If I'm guessing right, the value in the filter setting is based on the cosine of the angle of the normal of the triangle with respect to the upward...
  11. L_Rob

    Reccomendation for material properties reference doc

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have a recommendation for a detailed reference on material properties as displayed in the Material Editor? Something that goes into some detail about topics like frame buffer blending or many of the other less obvious options. Thanks much,
  12. L_Rob

    Night only transparancy?

    Hi Guys, This question has probably been answered too many times before, but I plead laziness. Using MCX to compile a Sketchup model, is there a way to make a transparency only show up at night? Based on experiment without understanding the basics, it appears to me that the LM functions as a...
  13. L_Rob

    Feature Request: copy Scenery Objects Editor text

    Hi Arno, Here's what I hope would be an easy feature request: the ability to copy as text (including 'Select All') what appears in the Scenery Objects Editor. I can think of a number of handy things one could do with such a list! Thanks much, Larry
  14. L_Rob

    Duplicate platform triangles?

    Hi Arno, I notice that when I create a platform with the MCX attachpoint tool, then export the model as a scenery object and then reopen it, the original platform rectangle is replaced by four triangles, two being duplicates. Is there a reason for this? On a brief check of some of the default...
  15. L_Rob

    Excluding an effect not attached to an object

    Hi folks, I need to exclude an effect that is not associated with an object. Is there a trick to this? An exclusion rectangle in IS3 will exclude a light that is attached to an object, but it will not exclude an effect not so attached. I don’t see a likely exclude candidate in SBuilder X...
  16. L_Rob

    Liveries for AI boats not visible

    Hi Arno, You would think that I know how to use MCX by now. Using the latest release, for some reason MCX will no longer display my different liveries for my AI boats governed by the sim.cfg. I've always been able to do this in the past. I can see all the liveries for .mdls governed by an...
  17. L_Rob

    Feature request: enhanced lines in wire frame view

    Hi Arno, Here's a minor feature request that would save me a lot of time: the ability to enhance or widen the red lines that appear in the wire frame viewing mode when you check 'highlight' in the properties tab of the material editor and then select a texture. The idea would be to make...
  18. L_Rob

    P3D v2 Supressing sounds associated with user vehicles

    Hi folks, I've been slowly working on what I guess could be called a pilotable marine observation camera with some marine related gauges for navigation. However even though the Sound folder for it is empty, several default sounds are still present that distract from the purpose. Rushing wind...
  19. L_Rob

    Mip map filtering options

    Hi Folks, I'm wondering if anyone has experimented with various mip map filters when generating mip maps. I've found that if I am very careful in creating the Sketchup textures I use, once the model is compiled in MCX, I can generate the key mip mapped dds files directly from Photoshop that I...
  20. L_Rob

    P3D v2 When do mipmaps switch?

    I've finally come up with a partial solution to the visibility range of lights in P3D by mipmapping the texture and then rather radically editing it. As long as one is editing the mipmaps, there is no reason that they all need to look the same and from some quick experiments this seems to open...