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    Needed People from Yorkshire It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could send me any images of these airports that would help create a model also adding to list is Doncaster EGCN and Humberside EGNJ.
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    Modeling Questions

    What method of modelling is best for a 3d aircraft ie an E145. I have read into surface,solid and mesh but I want something with insane quailty and detail. So what would you recommend and have u got any tutorials to learn from.
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    What does the community want?

    I have tried and failed 2 projects so far however im up for making an utility so much as coding is part of my collage life next year and i was really wanted to know what 2 things What utility features are missing what people would like to see for p3d,fsx and xplane Do you think it is impossible...
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    SAAB 2000

    I am looking for somebody with a passion of aviation to help begin developing a Saab2000 for p3d v4 and maybe xplane depending on the quality of the product. I really dont care about experience as long as you have the patience to learn and develop skills. If you are interested please reply as...
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    P3D v4 Help with scenery

    i am currently working on a scenery for p3d v4 which is EGPH (freeware or payware depending on the quality at the end).However i have come into an issue with not been able to create the photreal scenery needed for the project and due to this development has come to a stand still. I need somebody...