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  1. ccartmel

    Propellor torque

    Hi, I have a Just Flight PA 38 which I am trying to get more realistic as regards flight dynamics. The major issue is the torque from the propellor. At full power the pull to the left is minimal. I have adjusted the p_torque_on_yaw parameter to 1.5 as suggested elsewhere, but the effect is...
  2. ccartmel

    Start points

    Hi all, I doubt if this is possible but can you designate separate start points or holds for AI GA traffic. At my home airport (EGGP) GA holds and takes-off from 'G'when 27 is active, a taxiway which joins the runway shortly after the runway 27 start. I tried by only linking the GA apron to...
  3. ccartmel

    ILS not found on reciprocal end

    Help, totally confused here. I have 2 local but customised airports, EGGP (Liverpool) and EGCC (Manchester) and have been attempting ILS approaches. On both airports I am able to pick up and lock onto the ILS beam but from one direction only, (IMM and ILVR respectively) the reciprocal...
  4. ccartmel

    Widescreen monitor and FSX

    Folks, sorry for the very simple question here but this is where people know things. If I connect a widescreen monitor to the PC does the FSX display widen to 16:9 format or stretch the 4:3 format image. In other words will a square still be a square or extend to a rectangle? Cheers
  5. ccartmel

    Tail draggers go berserk and drive off.

    Not sure where to ask this as this relates to add-on aircraft designed and distributed freely to the FS community. I 'fly' from a busy airport with about 60% of the GA ramps in use. On most occasions when I 'fire-up' there are a few Piper Cubs and a Stinson Voyager on the apron. After a few...
  6. ccartmel

    SP2 textures

    Folks, I have seen much discussion on this and other forums on the impact of SP2 on texture formats. Is there any information available as to which are now acceptable, or just .dds now SP2 has totally ruined my FSX experience unless I can find an airline with 100% world coverage and a total...
  7. ccartmel

    Be carefull what you wish for - DX10

    What are peoples views on FSX Acceleration and SP2??? I received mine (late) and installed eagerly, anticipating achieving the benefits of the DX10 card I paid over £300 for in 2006. What a bummer. Why read on: FSX takes 4 minutes to load most Add-on aircraft (Ultimate traffic and My...
  8. ccartmel

    Multiple runways

    I have seen several posts bemoaning the fact that the use of multiple runways at an airport is not permitted. I have seen aircraft landing and taking off on different parallel runways when neither closed for landing or take off. It seems that there are some issues however when the wind changes...
  9. ccartmel

    callsign abbreviations

    To be more realistic aircraft registrations should be abbreviated by ATC according to ICAO standards. Other ATC facilities could be RDF functionality.
  10. ccartmel

    Where is the flatten?

    Folks, I have a wierd problem (but less about me!). Recently I installed an EGCC FSX airport to fit in with Horizon's Photo scenery. Did a quick check to see if it lined up OK and was satisfied. Did not fly there though. 2 days ago I decided to land there and noticed a distinct absence of AI...
  11. ccartmel

    Lighter than air aircraft!

    Hi, I have redesigned a local airport (EGOW) to comply with Horizon's Photographic scenery initially using FSX Planner. I noticed that parked aircraft floated above the apron. I re-did this using the new Airport Facilitator X both to get thing spot-on and hopefully get the levels sorted. No joy...
  12. ccartmel

    SCA files

    Hi, I have some excellent scenery which is (seemingly) FS2002 format although it was initially used in FS 2004. It disassembled to .sca files. I would like to move the objects to their correct geographical positions over VFR protographic scenery within FSX but not sure how to. I could replace...
  13. ccartmel

    What about a wanted thread?

    Does anybody think it would be a good idea to have a Wanted thread or even a separate Forum? REASON: I have been searching for a FSX compatible Blackpool Tower and 'bits' to reside in my VFR photographic scenery. I am unable to extract the FS2004 version objects I had in a past life in order...
  14. ccartmel

    FSX Library visual identification

    Hi, Some months ago I downloaded a brilliant utility which shows up all the FSX objects as thumbnails with the relevant details which makes selection a doddle. I have lost it :mad: None of the 'zips' or installed utilities give me a clue! Can anybody help me locate a similar/same utility as I...
  15. ccartmel

    Graphics going from sharp to blurry

    Has anybody else experiencing this? I am running with FSX SP1a installed over VFR GEN X photographic scenery. with custom building at EGGP. System specs Windows Vista, AMD 3800+ dual core overclocked at 3GHz, 2Gb 677MHz RAM, NVidia 8800GTX card with 764Mb RAM, On some occasions, triggering...
  16. ccartmel

    UK VFR Photographic Scenery for FSX- Horizon Simulation

    All, Just a warning for those of you who are considering VFR Photographic Scenery for the UK from Horizon Simulations. I purchased all 3 volumes and found the following issues: Volume 3 (North) was despatched with corrupt BGLs. This was known by Horizon who have since issued a patch. It...
  17. ccartmel

    Gmax object no show - again

    :mad: Folks, Sorry to bother you all again but I am going around in circles trying to get a gmax object to show in fsx. The steps I have taken are: create a simple object in Gmax - FSX gamepack installed. Create a 1024x1024 texture bitmap and apply to object - shows up correctly save...
  18. ccartmel

    GMAX crashes in Material Edit / Navigation Functions

    I am new to GMax and have used V1.2 installed from fs2004 and FSX CD's for basic object creation. I have been through the tutorials successfully. As soon as I try to use my own texture file (256x256 bitmap) it crashes without any error message other than unrecoverable error. This happens on...
  19. ccartmel

    loading of real world weather

    An annoying feature of FSX when loading up a saved flight using real world weather is that this is not downloaded before the flight starts. I have to manually do this each time. Should be automatic if RWW is the 'saved' parameter. Not noticed this in 2004 though! Charlie
  20. ccartmel

    Loss of aircraft textures (C172)

    Hi all. New to forums although have read many. Have had no problems with fs2004 but FSX is defeating me. I am losing the textures on my Cessna 172, the red and gold is totally missing, while the others only show at the highest detail levels (aircraft and Global Textures) I have looked at file...