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    FSXA DirectX-10 ground polys lights

    I finally got the directX-10 preview to work for me by using the fix available on Avsim. But the only problem I have now is that the ground poly used for apron lights are visible in day when there is precipitation... Does anyone else have or know how to fix this issue? Thanks
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    FSX Work faster with Ground Poly

    Maybe some of you know these already... I have been using several modifiers to make my ground polys. But I've been recently experimenting with few modifiers in max. 1-To make taxi-lines I used to use loft. But now I've discovered that the modifier called sweep is much much better: --> It allows...
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    FSXA N1 fan animation

    Hello, I'm having a weird issue with my N1 fan animations. - I've attached the three visibility state (still, slow and blurred) but in FSX all of them run at the same time. - I've animated them from frame 0 to 100 using frames 25, 50 and 75 in between and added the animation tag (N1_0_slow...
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    How often do you fly as a developer?

    I'm just wondering how often do you guys use the simulator to actually fly and enjoy the sim?:confused: It's been almost 4 months that I've never had the chance to do a proper flight with FSX. Just designing sceneries and aircraft. I used to fly at least once a day before starting scenery design...
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    Visibilty tag on Aircraft

    Hello, I am trying to make an object appear and disappear with a click on a switch. But I'm new into xml and It's not working in fsx yet. I also have some issues with the mouse click not showing on certain objects. I tried to reset the scale and transform but without success. <Animation...
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    FSX Freeware Boeing 717 Previews

    Hello, I've restarted the design of my 717 and I'm making the paint kit right now. This is my first aircraft model so I'm learning a lot making it. I don't know so much about gauge design but I intend to finish the external model at least. Hope you like it!
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    FSXA Ground polygons night lighting method

    Hello, I see in many scenery that night lighting are made by using a night texture on the ground polys with an effect on the light pole. It may be hard to understand but here is the issue you should have by doing it that way. -First of all ground polys are made by using multiple layers (base...
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    FSXA Animated cars and conditions

    Hi everyone, I was able to create a custom animation that is working in fsx. So far I only tried with 1024 frames and it was working well. I had the problem of the object not showing in all angles sometime but I solved it by linking it to a transparent bounding box. But I wonder if it could...
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    FSXA Ground polys causes Aircraft crash

    Hello, I'm having a bizarre problem with my ground polys and the crash detection system in FSX, I unchecked the "crash" option on the makemdl but it looks like it's not working. Anytime I start a flight the aircraft crashes immediately. Any thoughts about this? :confused:
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    FSXA Multiple problems with apron light effects

    Hi, I made an apron light effect using the landing light as the effect and have several problems: 1-The light effect is showing all day, night, dusk and dawn.Notice that I used the cloning technique and added the (day=0; night=1) into one attached object and (dusk=1; night=1) into another and...
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    FSX B-717

    Hi I am making the B-717. I'm almost done with the exterior model and I have started making a virtual cockpit. Here are some pictures and I hope you like it :). My only problem is the gauges. I don't know a lot about...
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    FSXA Jetway compiler error

    Hi everybody I'm trying to test custom jetways on fsx but the compiler keep bringing me the same error. C:\Users\Devinci\Documents\SanDiegoX\3DS\GroundObjects>bglcomp jetway_placement.xml Parsing document: jetway_placement.XML INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2434: Could not find parking spot for...
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    FSXA Solution to Change Default Ground Vehicles

    Hi everyone. After a day of search I've finally found a way to change the FSX default ground vehicles with my own model. So I wanted to share it with you guys. First of all you need to find the file named LWcfg.spb. It should be in: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Then you...
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    FSX Ksan x

    Hello, KSAN X (San Diego Intl) is in development. 50% done with groundpolys. By 3De
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    FSXA Multiple effects not showing

    Hi. I'm almost done with the lights on my scenery but I have an annoying problem since yesterday. I created two effects: -1 One for the taxiway centerline lights (I changed the color in the effect file to green). 542 objects (attach points effects) -2 Another for runway edge lights White color...
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    FSX Freeware project Kobe X

    Hi just wanted to share some pictures of my project. Kobe airport in Japan (RJBE). I'm almost done with the ground polys next is the buildings etc, Hope you like it!
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    FSX Basic FMGC, ND and PFD

    Hi everyone. After I took a week to look the FSX SDK and made my first aircraft, I wanted to start with the real deal which is for me making a big jet. The modeling, animation and texturing parts are easy for me. Making the panel design is also easy. But my problem is that I have a little...
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    FSX Help with Island border and traffic on bridge (SbuilderX)

    Hi everybody. I'm making the scenery of RJBE (Kobe aiport, Japan). I'm almost finished with the terrain design but I've some problem as you can see on the pictures the water elevation surrounding the island is lower than the elevation of the airport but it raises up to meet the island's border...