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    FSX Send information from FSX to Unity3D

    I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 to try and compile the managed sample files. I did correctly in C# Express 2008 but here it's giving me an error. ------------------------------------ An unhandled exception of type 'System.BadImageFormatException' occurred in Managed Client...
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    FSX Send information from FSX to Unity3D

    I guess learning the FSX SDK is like 10 times more complicated than learning Unity3D at least for me. And you have hundreds of toturials for Unity3D and almost zero tutorials for SimConnect. I learned a lot on the SDK myself but sometimes it's good to have a proper step by step tutorial. :)
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    FSX Send information from FSX to Unity3D

    I also want to know that. I want to make a simple Fuel Planner. I think you need the SimConnect though. I don't know how you can transfer the data to unity? But it would be awesome because I'm pretty comfortable with Unity3D.
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    Blender to FSX Toolset

    Blender was the first 3d modeling software I used back in 2005. I gave up on it back then probably because of the unfriendly user interface and moved to learn sketchup. But I think they are making a new user interface for it. That will be awesome. I also wish the prepar3d SDK will be compatible...
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    General question on updating FSX scenery libraries

    Oh Great tips!!! I used to only restart fsx when I add a new texture file into my scenery. :D
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    Gardermoen 2017 - FSX

    Nice tip! I thought about it but I also thought that having one big 2048 or 4096 textures with all the details was better in terms of performance than having several smaller textures layered to give the same details. Then FSX will need to only load that one and not several at a time... :confused:
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    Gardermoen 2017 - FSX

    Very nice! I have been using very high resolution textures (4096x4096) for my runways but I have never been able to achieve this level of detail. Nice feature too, maybe you can add dynamic shadows with it if you are able to change the scenery files?
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    FSX Error LNK1104 - exe file not found

    Thanks for the tip, I will try this!
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    FSX Error LNK1104 - exe file not found

    I had the same problem but I solved it. Now I'm getting Visual Studio C# because I know C# the most but I cannot find any SimConnect tutorial anywhere. I want to make a simple Fuel Calculator and I need to get some data from the current user aircraft, etc. I can also use Unity Game Engine, I...
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    General question on updating FSX scenery libraries

    I only do number 5.) Go to FSX Menu > World > Scenery Library then OK and it updates everything except newly created textures.
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    FSX Can i edit an airport made by someone else?

    Yeah you can do that. You can edit the afcad and maybe if it has (the scenery) 3D models you could import them in gmax and tweak them. Also the easiest to edit may be the textures.
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    FSX Can i edit an airport made by someone else?

    Well if it were me I see no problem if somebody wants to improve my freeware work and upload it for free. But I would like to get a notice about that. I think we can only speculate on this matter.
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    FSX Can i edit an airport made by someone else?

    Maybe the wisest thing to do is to ask him/her directly...
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    Do you guys listen to music while doing your FS development work?

    I listen to UB40, Bob Marley, Luky Dube and Daft Punk and other reggae songs :D
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    FSXA Voulumetric shadows?

    AO is Ambient Occlusion; it's just a type of effect you can get from your renderer. Texture baking is a method you can use to get different effects such as AO, shadows, bump map, etc. rendered directly into a texture file.
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    3DS Max 2013 with P3D 2012 SDK?

    Max 2012 does not work well with the SDK... when you try to export very high poly model.
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    TFDi 717 virtual cockpit: Is 1 year of 3ds Max experience enough to do a good job?

    If you are able to model excellent 3d cars just know that VC modeling is at least twice harder. Now every person has their unique talent. Maybe it's going to be easy for you but it took me 3 years to make a decent looking car and I still cannot make an excellent VC. Also note that texturing is...
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    FSXA DirectX-10 ground polys lights

    I finally got the directX-10 preview to work for me by using the fix available on Avsim. But the only problem I have now is that the ground poly used for apron lights are visible in day when there is precipitation... Does anyone else have or know how to fix this issue? Thanks
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    New material editor

    Very good! Thanks :D
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    FSXA Spline conversion to poly problem!!

    I see. I am too used to using cap hole or bevel to get from shape to polys that's why I forgot about that. So obviously he did not meant a line by "spline". ;)