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  1. Mick

    New tick mark generator

    I just made a new tick mark generator. You can get it here: It's a file that comes in 2 versions - for Gmax 1.2 and 3DS Max 8 or higher - which you use is strictly personal preference. You edit the start and stop keyframes of a revolving...
  2. Mick

    Mysterious collective inputs

    I'm making a helicopter, using piston engine based flight dynamics - using the R-22 as a starting point. When I first start up a flight, the power oscillates up & down slowly, while the chopper is just sittting there on the runway and no hands are on the controls. You can actually see the...
  3. Mick

    Prop Visibility

    I've got a still, slow, and blurred rotor, and I gave them the rotor_still, rotor_slow, and rotor_blurred tags, respectively. All 3 of them are happilly rotating around at the same time. The keyframed animation works fine, but all 3 are always visible, whether the rotor is spinning or stopped...
  4. Mick

    Wacky Wheels in FSX

    What's the deal with these wheels in FSX? If you're taxiing down the runway and put on the brakes, the wheels instantly freeze to a halt, even though the aircraft is still moving. They also freeze up the exact millisecond the aircraft lifts off the runway. I thought the project I was working on...
  5. Mick

    Reflections and Specular in FSX

    Has anyone got reflections and specular highlights to work in FSX? I set up a material in 3DS Max exactly as shown in the SDK docs, and cross-checked it against the DC3 sample model. I have yet to see any reflections, and the specular map has no effect. ________ CHEAP BUBBLERS
  6. Mick

    FSX SDK for 3DS Max: Installation nonsense

    Has anyone else been unable to get the new SDK service pack installed? It tells me "Flight Simulator X SDK is not installed" - which is nonsense. It doesn't give any option to show it where the SDK is installed, it just tells you it's not. I tried running the installer from the folder where the...
  7. Mick

    Good news for 3D Max users

    Autodesk has just announced that subscription members will be able to install Max on a home computer. So if you work for a conmpany that's a subscriber, you would sign a HULA (home users license agreement), then be given a special serial number allowing you to install Max at home. ________ Web Shows
  8. Mick

    Blurry Textures

    I'm getting blurry textures in a model that I exported from 3DS Max. Textures on the default aircraft look fine. The ones that I exported are DDS DXT5, and look fine when I load them into DXTBmp. I've tried exporting the textures thru DXTBmp, Imagetool, and the NVidia Photoshop plugins; it...
  9. Mick

    GUID problems when exporting from Max 7

    When I export an FSX model from Max 7, I get an error message telling me that the file doesn't have a GUID - but in fact it does. I assume I'm assigning it correctly; I generated a unique GUID with that little Microsoft utility, then pasted it into the file's Properties - minus the brackets...
  10. Mick

    Converting FS98 gauges to XML

    There were rumors floating around that MS would be making a utility for converting FS98-style gauges to XML. Does anyone know if this is there's any substance to this? ________ Washington marijuana dispensaries
  11. Mick

    Major New Jersey project just released

    I just finished the huge project I've been working on since last May. It's in North Haledon, NJ (USA). This is an entire town where chopper pilots can explore and practice their skills to their heart's content - with tons of places to land and maneuver (no unlandable surfaces or false crashes!)...
  12. Mick

    Effects and drawing order problems

    I tried placing the forest fire effect that comes with the Effects SDK in a scenery project. It looks pretty decent, except that clouds show up in FRONT of the smoke, instead of BEHIND it. Does anyone know of a fix for this? ________ Web Shows
  13. Mick

    Controlling mip maps

    I've got a water tower with a 512 x 512 texture on it. As you aproach it, you see a god-awful low res version of the texture. It doesn't switch to full resolution until you're very close to it. At that point, you can back up again and the hi res version will continue to display, but I'd rather...
  14. Mick

    White flash in an animated texture

    I made an animated texture using a series of BMPs. It works pretty good, but every now and then the object flashes white. I'm wondering if Flight Sim refuses to display the texture whenever it can't play back the animation at the desired frame rate. Has anyone seen this problem? ________ NEW...
  15. Mick

    Land mask poly creates a depression

    I need to remove half of a large reservoir that's in the default scenery. I used an LWM land mask poly to cover the area. The water disappears in the places where it's supposed to, but now there are 2 problems: -The reservoir - as well as the area it used to occupy - now sits in a big...
  16. Mick

    Can landclass boundaries be fine-tuned?

    For an area of a square mile or so, I used EZ Landclass to get rid of the butt-ugly default satellite textures and replace them with a grass texture. But I can't fine-tune the boundaries enough. The area covers ten squares on the EZ Landclass grid, but these squares are way too big to give any...
  17. Mick

    Disappearing Trees

    I've created a library BGL consisting of about 20 different trees. Now I'm making some more BGLs using Object Placer XML, to stamp out multiple copies of them. There are a few places in the scenery where I get a really weird bug. If I place a tree there using Object Placer, not only will the...
  18. Mick

    LOD Question

    What is the logic behind the numbers assigned to LODs? I've made a tree, and created two LODs for it. I named the high res one "Tree_A_LOD_100" and the low res one "Tree_A_LOD_20". The switch happens too close to the tree - it should happen maybe 3 times its current distance from the tree. Is...
  19. Mick

    Seasonal Textures

    I'm trying to get seasonal textures working for a tree that I made. The tree originated in Gmax, and has 3 LODs. In the sim, the tree shows up with no textures; it's just gray (the textures looked fine before I tried adding the seasonal variations). Below is the TEXTURE_DEF section of each of...
  20. Mick

    Shadow removal in FS2004

    Is there code that can be aded to the .ASM file to kill shadows (using the FS2004 gamepack)? Or would it be better to do it in MDLTweaker? Editing the ASM isn't a cumbersome step for me, since I need it anyway - for dealing with seasonal textures and using FSBox. ________ Pattaya Heights Condos...