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    Disappearing Ferries

    Hope someone might have a solution. The ferries have disappeared and will only appear when you slew right onto a ferry. Also, if the ferry is in motion the wake will show but not the ferry. I had 3 Ultimate Terrain product installed along with Victoria+. I had some problems with one of the...
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    AIBTC02 Adding Duplicate Routes

    For some unknown reason Aibtc02 is adding duplicate routes to the TrafficBoats.bgl. I did a little experiment. I decompiled the original TrafficBoats.bgl and checked the RoutesBoats.kml. The numbers were 400, 401, 402, 404, etc. I then compiled the same files back to TrafficBoats.bgl. The file...
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    FSX SP2 BGLcomp.exe

    I have installed SP2 in my FSX. I have been trying to make a flatten switch. Everything seems to work correctly until I try and convert the KML file to a BGL file. I get an error and it will not make the BGL. I know the SDK bglcomp is working as I have used it with another program...
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    Need some help! Using FSX KML 1.10 Beta Google Earth Version 5.0.11733.9347 I am trying to create some islands and have used the following. 1. I have made four excludes all which touch each other forming a rectangle. (Exclude__WaterPolys) 2. I then made a large poly to cover...
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    Need some suggestions

    I have an area on the waterfront where there are a couple of larger wharfs and industry with a lot of asphalt. Has anyone any idea what I can use to make this asphalt.:confused: I can't believe with all the parking lots and paved areas in our world that there is no way to represent...
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    Can anyone tell me what LandClassPoly to use to make a parking lot or large area of asphalt? There is one for cement, but I do not see anything that would double for asphalt.
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    Google Earth & SimConnect

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use Google Earth and Simconnect together?
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    Wind sock

    Does anyone know how I can move a wind sock to a different location. I assume wind socks must be moved in a different manner as they do not seem to be included in the editor. Mac
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    Where taxiway joins runway

    Have been working with a default airport trying to get it a little more accurate. Having a problem with one taxiway that joins the runway. The default joins the runway as shown in the picture. Only one side curves into the runway and the taxi lines only go one way. I have been trying to...
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    Does anyone know of a simple tutorial on how to set up SimConnect. 186 pages :eek:of info is way above my attention span.:confused: Would like to use it with Airport Design Editor. Mac
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    Corrections for UT Canada

    I just purchased UT Canada as I got tired of looking at that terrible FSX scenery. There are however, some annoying little things in UT Canada that I would like to correct. i.e. Ocean water running uphill and roads running into the ocean. My problem arises when I exclude the UT...
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    Breaking Polygons into Lines

    Tried searching this but didn't have any luck. Where rivers enter lakes the shorelines show through any rivers made with a polygon. I know I can break a polygon into a polyline. It will always break at the beginning and end of the polygon. This will take care of the exit or entry...
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    PolygonHole - Order of.

    I am seeking some clarification regarding PolygonHoles and Hydro_Polygons. It is my impression that a PolygonHole must follow a Hydro-Polygon so that it nows which water to attach to. Where I am having problems is with some PolygonHoles not showing up. It would seem, from the results I...
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    Extrusion Bridge

    Have some more questions. When making the Extrusion Bridge: 1. Is there a minimum number of vertices? 2. Is there a minimum height for the vertices? 3. Is the height measurement in metres? I made one Extrusion Bridge and it had 6 vertices. I put the ends at -20, the next two at...
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    All Forest Polygons are not created equal.

    Finally got that damn tan/brown off the airport. Took me 5 hours to track down the problem.:mad::banghead: It was something I never expected.:confused: The LandClassPoly_Evergreen_Tree_Crop tag was the culpert. Also LandClassPoly_Deciduous_Tree_Crop would cause the same problem...
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    Area around Runway Changing Textures

    Why does the area around the runway change textures when the landclass around the area is changed?:mad: This is a real pain as it shows up like a big neon sign and I can't seem to change it back. Any ideas please, .:idea:can't leave it like that.
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    Is there an easier way?

    I was not satisfied with the default city in P.A. Thought I would change it. Here is what I did. 1. Made a polygon to cover the entire area. - Tagged it as forest. 2. Used a copy of the above polygon - Tagged it as a polyhole. 3. Then inside the polyhole I added some polygons...
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    Polyline vs Polygon

    People are going to get tired of me, however have no other place to find out this information.:o Using FSX KML Firstly let me explain the method I have been using for the canal and a river. There is no exclude water as it is all on land. Using a polyline (path), I will draw up the...
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    Exclude Airport

    Have tried all the airport excludes trying to fix a problem with some buildings showing in my river.:( Cannot find anything in the SDX that tells me how to exclude a default airport, although there must be a way to do it. I really do not care if the whole airport goes as it hasn't been...
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    Shoreline and Water Problems.

    1. I made a polygon using the exclude_water. 2. I have used the Add Path to put water along the coastline. (See pictures) I do not connect the ends of the polyline or I end up with a polygon. I tagged the polyline Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial. I have done this three...