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    Light effects with MCX & P3D SDK Special Effects Tool

    Hello I am currently experimenting with setting up lights in P3D for my air traffic control tower. The goal is to have 3 static red lights during night and 3 flashing lights on top during daytime. I would like to have lights which emit light and are visible at the same time like a navlight...
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    P3D v4 Conversion of models with small lines resulting in strange lines

    Good day I am having the following issue. When my models are rather complex or have small objects I see lines coming from their corners. Take a look at the next screenshots. How it looks in Sketchup, in ModelconverterX (latest beta) and how it looks in P3D V4. (Check the windows for example...
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    [FSX/P3D] Looking for a SODE jetway modeller

    Hello, we are currently looking for someone who would be able to model 3 SODE jetways for our scenery (for free). More information here: Thanks! Tim Belux Scenery Development Team
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    [P3D V4 / FSX] EBBR freeware: need a jetway modeller

    Good day together with a friend I am developing a freeware scenery of Brussels airport, which should be as accurate as possible. Almost all modelling is done, except for the jetways. I have no experience regarding 3D model animation. I tried to understand the Jetway SDK but I failed. If someone...