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    Jet engine design: drag....questions from my inbox

    I occasionally get questions in my inbox and I feel like some of them would be useful to post publicly. I will try to do so in the future. EVERYTHING described at ISA SL unless otherwise stated. Hello Keith, Coefficients are used anytime the data being analyzed is bound to a set of...
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    Finding real world Oswald e and CD induced

    I'm sure many people wonder how Oswald e is found. I'm also sure many people use the CDi formula CL^2 / pi*AR*e to find CDi. Well, here is the dilemma for FS FDE designers.... if I need Oswald e to find CDi, how on earth is e determined in the first place and what should I set it to in my...
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    Table 1505: What it was intended to do and how it should be set up

    Table 1505 was intended to work as a corrected fuel flow parameter that would allow the modeling of variable fuel consumption based on mach (Ram drag varies by mach, reducing fuel efficiency.) This is what a properly modeled table for an example turbofan would have looked like: If you...
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    A discussion of how to correctly set up Corrected thrust table 1506

    Go here for an explanation, then feel free to post questions in this thread. UPDATE: Here is a simpler explanation that may be easier to implement. It includes...