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  1. HiFlyer

    Aerofly FS2 Rolling Out Universal UNS-1 FMS

    Released Work in Progress! The Universal UNS-1 is a very common flight management system (FMS) which is can be found in the Bombardier Q400, Learjet 45 as well as the Boeing 737-500 (retrofit) in Aerofly FS 2 with only minor differences between them. The simulated devices can be used to change...
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    Taburet Produces 1st Scenery for Aerofly FS2: Canary Islands

    The first package we done for the new kid in the block. Photorealistic Textures resolution of 1.5 m with a 19 m mesh coverage and cultivation for the whole of the Canary islands according to the latest openstreetmap data. Either use your airport addon or head to for a wide choice...
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    Aerofly FS2 C152 freeware from Sylvain Delepierre 1.0.0 Hello dear Aerofly fans, I am aware that Just Flight will release a C152 soon and I'm sure it will be great. I have also been working on a C152 project for the last five month. It'...
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    Just Flight Duchess 76 for Aerofly FS 2 - Service Pack Hi everyone, Just a heads up for anyone who may have missed it that a service pack for the Duchess 76 is now available. Here's a change log covering what's included...
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    COMING SOON, BY JUSTFLIGHT C152 (for Aerofly FS 2) Just Flight's C152 will be coming to Aerofly FS 2 in eight HD paint schemes. Features will include a true 3D virtual cockpit featuring a fully functional IFR-capable avionics fit, flight computer panel, custom-coded electrical system with...
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    Aerofly FS2: New Update Released Today! 6/19/2019 Greetings fellow flight simmers, we have been busy working under the hood and we are now ready to release our latest feature packed update. Here is a glimpse to what has been added, fixed, and changed...
  7. HiFlyer

    Released: Aerosoft Lukla Mount Everest Extreme For Aerofly FS 2

    Two looks at this great new scenery for the sim.
  8. HiFlyer

    GNS comes to Aerofly FS2

    Kai at JustFlight shows off the Ipacs GNS 530 working in JustFlights upcoming Turbo Arrow for Aerofly FS2 Dear Friends, Today I want to show you something what I think, is...
  9. HiFlyer

    Aerofly Beta Update - Feature Changelist: 5/23/19

    These features are now available to users on the Steam Beta channel: Added Advanced camera movement system (optional setting) that moves the camera head position as you look around in the cockpit, aligns the camera to the overhead or pedestal up direction so that text remains readable and a...
  10. HiFlyer

    Aerosoft/Limesim - Lukla Extreme For Aerofly FS2

    Gonna be soooooo nice in VR!
  11. HiFlyer

    Outerra 2019

    Previously unpublished ongoing development work on Outerra: - global 10m imagery based on Sentinel satellite data, courtesy of TitanIM - global 10m forest map data, able to detect individual larger trees - global weather data using historical meteo data records, will also work with a real-time...
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    Aerofly: We need your help! New ALPHA build (Released)

    Just a heads-up for the brave and curious! From DrHotWing1 (Ipacs) Greetings fellow flight simmers, Very have published a new ALPHA build to Steam that we need your help with testing for us. Please keep in mind that this is an alpha build that could potentially have some issues, so we ask...
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    Aerofly FS2 - Just Flight Duchess Review and Test Flight

    Another step forward for the sim, first with a third party stepping in, and second in new functionalities showing continuing growth in the platform.
  14. HiFlyer

    Just Flight PA-28RT-201T Arrow IV (for Aerofly FS 2)
  15. HiFlyer

    Aerofly Life Project - 1.0 Demo Available

    From drhotwing1 (Ipacs) Greetings everyone, Even...
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    More News From JustFlight on Aerofly

    From a thread on the Ipacs Forums:
  17. HiFlyer

    Announcing The Aerofly Life Project: Moving Vehicles, ships etc.......

    From drhotwing1 Ipacs: Greetings fellow flight simmers, I feel that it's about time to announce a special project that I'm working on that i'm sure will please the masses. How many of you would like...
  18. HiFlyer

    Grunau Baby IIb available for download Aerofly FS2

    Grunau Baby IIb Released by Aerofly content creator kai503 : A few words to the plane itself. The Grunau Baby was designed as an affordable, simple training plane. So, don't expect too much...
  19. HiFlyer

    (Live) METAR weather data for Aerofly FS 2

    A project I've been keeping an eye on......
  20. HiFlyer

    Beta Aircraft for Aerofly

    A bunch of Aerofly planes, all works in progress still, have been released for user consideration and beta testing on github. Keep in mind, many of the planes are incomplete or will have errors which the developers hope users will report: By the way, many of these planes will be in folders with...