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    Is this possible?

    I have the FS9 KMVY (Martha's Vineyard) by the late William Shea, installed in FSX. Not all textured surfaces show (trees, fences and bushes) but the buildings show just perfectly. Aside from the other texture anomaly's which I have worked around, I notice that there are no night time LM files...
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    No wire value is mapped to the enum

    Just installed Bill Womack's iBlue Yonder KACK. FANTASTIC piece of work. On approach to R24, I suddenly discovered there was no ILS! I hate manual landings! Went to his AFCAD and sure enough found there was no assigned ILS to R24. Using ADE, I assigned an ILS to R24, but upon compiling, I got...
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    Opening selection

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    Invisble Jetways

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    Desiring to upgrade from the defaulft FSX KATL, I choose the above file by Jim Vile. I created a new folder named KATL with appropriate scenery & texture sub folders. I placed the 10 bgl's in the scenery and the 12 dds files in the texture folder. I then added it to my Addon Scenery folder and...
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    Fsx vhhx

    We all know FSX eliminated VHHX (Hong Kong Kaitak). I have been trying to install it using the Airport Editor but to no avail. I have entered the correct info for VHHX which the editor accepts and saves. However, as seen in the attached pics, when I click on VHHX in the tree, it brings up VHHH...
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    I've got a weird situation with both the default and the Fly Tampa renditions of KBOS, which it appears both use the same layout for the localizers and the glideslopes. I've attached two screenshots,, one of each to compare the navaids on runway 4R. What is happening is this. Upon loading FSX...
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    Exclusions not compiling

    I've attached two screenshots. The first shows the airport with my created exclusions (yellow blocks). The second is the error message I'm getting when trying to compile the exclusion file. Hope someone can help. Thanks
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    Moving scenery object

    I installed the Nassau Bahamas Landmarks Atlantis program by bahamasflyers, to compliment the new UTX TAC program. There rendition of the Atlantis complex left a lot to be desired. The Atlantis program was based on the default position of the FSX shorelines. UTX shorelines have been altered so...
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    Compiler won't compile

    Hello All: That about says it! I've attached some screenshots and the log. My OS is Win7-64. Tried reinstalling Dotnetfx3.5Sp1 (wouldn't install so is it for XP only?) and also msxml 4.0 (is that also for XP only?) Have never had this problem before a reinstall of Win7. ADE has compiled...
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    Regenerating Autogen.

    This is weird. I selected my local airport to do a few modifications. I opened the airport with "Stock Airport" in ADE150. I then deleted a few default buildings to make way for some new additions. I then compiled the file and saved the airport. Wanting to do some more mods and get rid of...
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    Generic Building Removal Puzzle

    :) Scenario: I've installed a nice rendition by Jim Cook of my local airport, KORH. There are two generic buildings that show up in FSX that are not shown in his airport bgl, constructed using AFX. These buildings do show in the stock airport bgl and are easily removable using the poly...
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    Trying to add an animated jetway

    I'm trying to add an animated jetway to a project airport. I've attached some screenshots to show where I'm at in the process. I can't get the jetway to show in FSX and I can't replicate the "Properties" dialog boxas shown in the ADE Manual. Do I have to manually add the jetway with Instant...
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    Default FSX Terminal Textures

    Hi All: I'm hoping someone can lead me to some decent replacement textures or complete scenery objects for the default FSX terminals. They are horrible. Chris Arrington did his magic in FS9 but they are not compatible with FSX and the library over at Flightsim doesn't come up with any either...
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    ADEX Not compiling

    I have been using ADEX for about a week now and initially had some questions about removing autogen houses. Thank you Jon for your instructions. It worked and I was able to compile several CVX files. Houses gone. Upon returning to ADEX today and trying to remove some additional buildings, I...
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    FS9 to FSX Scenery

    I was under the impression that you could not install FS9 scenery bgl's into FSX and have them show. Evidently I'm wrong, or confused, or both, as I have done that with a particular FS9 scenery file, and it showed up! Comments welcomed.
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    Just this Aircraft

    Greetings All: First, the info. Using XP, FS9, and Instant Scenery 1. So far, have created 7 different static models using SAMM 1004 with no problems. Yesterday, I tried to create a static model of the Project Opensky 747-200 VC-25A (Air Force One). I have attached 3 screenshots to show the...
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    Hello All: Please view the attached screenshots which provides visual info for the problem I am experiencing. Installation of ADE went well, but when I click the "Connect" icon on the main ADE page, I get this FSUIPC error message. FSUIPC is present in my FS9 Modules folder. Also installed...