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  1. Majid

    Import Coordinate issue with latest MCX version

    Hi I got a error Message when I try to Import My location's Coordinate into MCX using Options Section , can Anyone help to solve this? here its a Screen shot about this problem.
  2. Majid

    FSX FSearthtiles Water Mask Problem/ Red Tiny Lines Appear Between Tiles [SOLVED]

    Hello Guys... First of All sorry about my broken English... I recently Create my Regional aria photo scenery using FSearthtiles for FSX , The problem occurred when I compail water mask with other Sources and the problem is some tiny Red lines that they are appears in between Tiles , here is...
  3. Majid

    MCX Error

    Hello Guys Today I downloaded MCX Latest Development , and when I try to Input my WaveFront OBJ I got following Error Massage Below: 12:53 PM AssimpReader Error Error loading unmanaged library from path: Assimp64.dll, see inner exception for details. is not a valid Win32 application...