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    Prepar3d V1.2 Now Available

    Hey All Today, Sept 23, 2011, Lockheed Martin Released Version 1.2 of Prepar3d on the Prepar3d Web Site. Here's a link to the Release Notes.
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    FSX P3D SDK 3DS Max Tools Updated, Max2011 support

    Hey All, Just wanted to let you know that the Prepar3d team has released an update to the 3DS Max Tools portion of the P3D v1.1 SDK, which was missing a few DLLs and the export tools wouldn't work, now they do. This update also includes a new exporter for 3DS Max 2011 (and hopefully Max...
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    Prepar3d V1.1 available for download now

    Hey All, The V1.1 update for Prepar3d is available for download now on the Prepar3d WebSite. Login to the site and go to the Purchased Downloads page. Here's a list of updates for this release.
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    Prepar3d pricing announced

    Hey All, Today on the front page of the Prepar3d web site, we have announced the pricing for Prepar3d client licenses and the developer network. Client licenses will be $499. This is quite a bit lower than the original MS ESP license cost, plus much easier to acquire - use a credit card...
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    Prepar3d Forums now open

    Hey All, Just wanted to let you know that there is now a forums section on the site. If you were previously planning to do something with ESP before ACES was shut down, or are newly interested in doing something with Prepar3d, stop on by and chat with the dev team with any...
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    Folks in the Orlando area

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be down in Orlando next week and was wondering if there were any Orlando area folks that wanted to get together for drinks or something Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thurday evening? I'll be staying in the UCF area (Colonial Drive and Alafaya Trail area), so if someone...
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    Flight1 acquires ESPv1 Object License

    Flight1 Aviation Technologies announced they have acquired a license to the ESP v1 object code (i.e. the binary run-time only, no source code). See their Press Release for more information.
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    Lockheed Martin licenses Microsoft ESP platform

    Today, Lockheed Martin announced it has licensed Microsoft's ESP platform to build new simulation solutions. See my blog post for links to the Press Release.
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    Thought the XML gauge coders might like a laugh...

    ...and now I'm hungry :->
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    FSX Beta3 of new Managed SimConnect SDK available (Finally)

    Hey Everyone, Sorry for the delay, finally got the Beta 3 release posted on the public server, download link:
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    FSX Beta2 of new Managed SimConnect SDK available

    Hey All, Just in case you didn't see it in the news forum, thought I would post in here also :-> Beta 2 release of my new Managed SimConnect SDK is now available. Blog post here:!B48B0194C5456F5!300.entry Direct Download Link here...
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    Announcing a new Managed SimConnect Client SDK

    Hey All, I've just released the first beta version of my new Managed SimConnect Client SDK. See this blog post for all the details. And for the impatient, here's the link to download the SDK: So if you are a managed SimConnect developer (or just...
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    New Microsoft Train Simulator Announced

    Hey All, In case you missed the announcement, we've publicly announced we are working on a new Train Sim based on the FSX code base. For more info, see:
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    nothing to see here...

    ... Move along :-> Just making sure my registration went through OK :-> Tim