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    FSDS 3 texture problem

    Hi ! I created a new object in FSDS 3. Using the same texture file for all parts only one part shows them in FS (here the wheels) :confused: Another problem is that the position of the parts moves position in FS .....
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    FSDS v3 failure

    Hi ! Any idea with this ?
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    G2K4 an SBuilder

    Hi ! Seems it`s time for me to become crazy ones again with scenery design :banghead: Normaly i use G2K4 for my projects (using now v5.04) so I >tried< to make some airport polys roads etc to tune up my airport a little bit. But in FS now nothing shows up, except VTP airport poly and...
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    Transparent textures

    Hi ! I made a stairtruck with transparent windows (see picture below). If you look from one side through the windows polys of the oposite part are missing from the other side polys are visible but not all .............. :banghead:
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    adding own vtp textures in G2K

    Is it possible in G2K4 to use own textures with vtp polys ? Didn`t found anything in the documentaion :scratchch
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    ground api display problems

    Hi ! Have this strange display problem of smaller ground apis when viewing our scenery from the air. As more i raise in the air the apis disappears more and more to the top. All buildings look fine :confused: Any ideas ?