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    Woo Doggy! Its Been Awhile

    hey guys :wave:, hope yall remember me, im the one that asked the stupid questions :p its been what :scratchch, like a year, maybe less since i last posted been busy with school and such, learned some programming, honed in on my modeling skills some more, other things like that im...
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    _xtomdl_err Any Help?

    I am using FSDS and am going to, or at least try, to model my local private airfield. I am, however, running into a problem. Here are my steps: 1) create a simple box with the origin at the bottom. 2) save the project file. 3) press the button at the top of the screen, the one that looks...
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    Inside of scenery is clear

    I just used Whisplacer and noticed that when you move a scenery object onto you plane, or even when you drive through one, it, the building, disappears. Is there a way to prevent this? Would I need to also model the inside of the object?
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    Real-Time Senery?

    I recently aquired a copy of FSDS v3.5.1 and was thinking of creating some scenery and am tired of having to restart FSX every time that I create a new scenery. So is there a way to place objects inside the world in real-time, like from within the game? This would eliminate the long wait for it...
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    So what is ESP?

    What exactly is ESP, is it the continuation of their FSX platform, since they announced that they would stop releasing new versions of FS?
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    Animations and sounds with static objects

    Hey I would like to make a siren, like one of those tornado ones, and place them around the fsx map. I wont to have it spin and be able to play a siren sound that gets weaker as you fly farther from it. I have the siren and the top rotating in gmax and was wondering if i place it in fsx as...
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    How to model with Gmax

    I am interested in modeling some aircraft for fsx. I am going to use gmax but dont know where to start. Can someone give me some info on how to start? Such as what is required to get a plane to fly. Like can it just be as basic as a box or does it have to have certain elements such as wings and...