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    more realistic fan jet animation

    Hi all. I expect this has been asked before but does anyone know of the trick to get N1 fan animation to spool up and be more realistic for big jets? The current animation on my N1_still blades is very jerky and does not spool up like the real thing. Anybody help? Baz.
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    Modeler/Texturer required

    Hi, We are looking for a quality, experienced modeler and texturer for guaranteed work. Preference given if you do both. The positions are well paid, in cash, no tricky royalties. Work will be on project basis, complete, animated model, exterior and VC, mapped and preferably textured...
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    Fire suppression

    Hi Guys, Has anybody managed to work out how to get the fire suppression levers to work properly and operate in the sim? I've followed the SDK aniimation routines, labelled everything correctly and I still can't get the things to work in the sim. Any ideas please? Thanks, Baz.
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    Scenery wizzkid required

    Hi all, We have a scenery project to create and I need help. Any scenery designers (terrain) and airport/field experts wishing to earn dollars with a payware project, please contact me at Thanks. Baz.
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    Gauge Magician wanted

    Hi people, We are getting a bit swamped at the moment and I am in need of a gauge designer to help out on a glass cockpit for a current project. If there are any takers, please email me on Thanks, Baz.
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    Gear droop

    Anyone know a working code for a) wheel bogey droop on airliners after takeoff and b) gear droop on light aircraft once off the ground. I want to simulate the way some light aircraft gear 'drops' when off compression, once in the air.I suppose the same code could be used for both...
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    System memory exception

    Hi all, in GMax, can anyone enlighten me on what the error: "System,OutOfMemory Exception" means?
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    Turn and slip ball

    Hi people, I'm struggling with a bit of code and wonder if somebody can help out. I need some code that will work with a MODELLED gauge in FS9. The old "flat" XML gauge for a turn/slip ball works correctly but I want to make a modelled ball work the same way. I.E. in a banking turn...
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    Elevator flaperons

    Hi, I'm wondering if anybody knows a simple way to model flaperons (flaps which are also ailerons) which are also elevators. In other words, the flaps are also ailerons which in turn, are also elevators. In my model, the control surfaces are unfortunately not on level planes but are split...