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    FSXA Taxi signs not showing at LFPG

    I am doing some work to update LFPG (Charles De Gaulle) airport to bring it up to date with the airport charts. Everything was progressing fine until the last hurdle. No taxiway signs are showing in FSX. I am sure that somewhere along the line, after frequent compiles and visits to this airport...
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    FSXA Problem with stock airport revision

    I am having some problems with a revision of the airport LOWI Innsbruck for FSX. Using the Stock FSX airport I have saved this to a Project file. I then changed the altitude from1900ft to the correct one of 1907ft. I see, in the newly created scenery file there is no cvx file but the airport...
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    FSXA Reassigned VOR's

    Working on LSZA airport (Lugano) I see from the charts that there is a note stating:- Since 2008-05-08 DVOR MAL 111.2 replaced by DVOR MMP 113.5 and Since 2009-04-09 DVOR ORI 112.6 replaced ny DVOR BEG 114.95. As the VOR's MAL and ORI are locked and unavailable for modification or deletion in...
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    FSXA Tapering Taxiways

    I notice, using Google Earth, that some airports have 'tapering taxiways' going from a width of eg. 46 meters to 26 meters. I have tried some methods but non seem to be sucessfull, missing centre lines and or missing surfaces. Has anyone any idea how to accomplish a 'tapered Taxiway' with all...
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    FSXA temp.x not found.

    FSDS v 3.5 During compilation of a scenery.mdl or scenery.bgl I get this message:- Error - D/FSDS/_temp.x not found. I checked this path and temp.x with 8kb is present. This is the first time that this has happened to me after using FSDS 3.5 for some time. FSX Acceleration with SDK and Windows...
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    FSX No lights

    I am working on the airport KJAN to bring it up to date with the latest FAA Charts. The project is fine except for the lighting. The Runway, Taxiway and Path lights do not show up, at night obviously, in the flight sim (FSX). They do show in ADE. I initally used ADE v01.70.6042 to compile and...
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    FSXA Removing Stock Airport

    How do I Remove a Stock Airport from the Sim? I am at the moment doing some work on the airport Tbilisi (Old ICAO UGGG, New ICAO UGTB). I load the stock FSX UGGG and do the following from the Tips and Tricks Section in ADE.:- ''If you are getting rid of the airport entirely then you will not...
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    FSXA Taxi signs not showing in FSX

    I am using ADE Version 01.67.5684 to creat KORD with all runways taxiways etc. Everything shows fine in ADE (particular are taxiway signs Qty. 899). Have compiled everything without error including xml files. I now open the airport in FSX, get the scenery update notice but when I go to Kord ALL...
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    FSXA Lost Safedock system

    I have been using this system for some time now but after a recent PC crash I lost all details. I have searched the forums for some indication of where I can download this super program again but all without any result. Can someone guide me to the download site please.
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    FSXA Changing object altitude

    How can I change the altitude of a .mdl object in MCX. I am trying to change the height of a safedock .mdl and then merge a suitable support post with it.
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    FSXA Adding pole to Safedock sign

    I am doing some work on EDDM Munich airport where the Safedock signs are not connected to a wall but are free standing. How can I attach a support pole to the Safedock sign. I have tried to import the particular .mdl into FSDS and have been fairly succesful creating a mdl with attached pole but...
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    FSX removing power cable pylons

    I am currently working on Munich Airport and wish to add construction of the new (third) runway. I have got as far as placing the runway in what I think is the correct position but am thwarted by a line of power cable pylons running across it. Is there any way I can remove these ? I have tried...
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    FSXA Multi copy gp's

    I have three ground polys positioned nicely at my airport in ADE. How can I copy all three together to place in other positions at my airport. I need to do this at nearly 60 gate positions and could then easily change them to the correct gates using the gp editor.
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    FSXA UVW Mapping tutorial from Resources

    In the UVW Mapping in Gmax tutorial Part 1 it states:- You will need… Gmax (you’ve already got this, surely?) Quake III plug-in for Gmax (md3exp.dle) – supplied with this download, put it in Gmax’s plugins folder Lithunwrap v1.3 – supplied with this download (copyright 2001-2002 Brad Bolthouse)...
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    FSXA Changed VOR frequency

    Working on LIPE (Bologna) creating a new airport layout from stock for the use of our German Group of online flyers. This Group uses the PMDG 737, the Ifly 737 and Airbus A321 all updated with the latest navdata from Navigraph and using mainly the on board FMC's and navaids. In my new one the...
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    FSX Aircraft symbol not showing when connected to FSX

    ADE is v01.65.5432. installed in C:/ADE NEW. Have been doing some work with ADE and FSX Auto Connected and everything seemed to be fine. Aircraft symbol showed up in ADE and I was able to locate my desired positions using this. Took a break and then opened ADE and FSX Auto Connected once more...
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    FSX Parking Radius and Aircraft Wingspan.

    I am making some gates for the A340-600 which has a wingspan of apprx. 64 meters. In my ADE settings/Units all these are set to meters. I set the parking radius at 32 meters and the aircraft wingspan at 64 meters which would seem to be logical. However in ADE the wingspan is far far to large and...
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    FSX Unwanted taxi/apron edge lights showing at night

    I have been doing some work on LOWG to improve the airport layout to conform with the latest Jepperson Charts. I initially noticed that at night there were some taxiway or apron edge lights showing where they should not be. These lights did not however display in ADE. I then loaded the stock...
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    FSX GP Texture Editor not updating.

    I created a new texture for use at LFBD for ground markings (GP's). I have done this several times before without any problems. I made a 24bit texture for the Textures_Dpy folder named gp_LFBD_Ground, sized 512x512. This shows up in the Textures_Dpy folder amongst the others. I then saved this...
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    FSX Unhiding hidden objects

    May be a silly question but here goes. I am using the prokey function to hide some objects but to my dismay I cannot unhide them again. Am I missing something or is there an instruction manual on how to use the ProKey capabilities.