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    Ramp light disappear

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    Building reflection

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    Bgl size

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    A request

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    How to change texture names

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    Commercial use of satellite imagery

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    Realistic night texture

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    Realistic night texture

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    How to encrypt a BGL file.

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    How to enable and disable a scenery

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    How to make 3d Lights

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    How to set Autogen density

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    Active a Scenery Base on time

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    Error running SCENPRO

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    how to fill a polygon with houses.

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    Dynamic object creation

    Discussion thread for Dynamic object creation. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Different water for the different season

    I've created two different water for a dried lake to show over photo-scenery, and I want to use each of them for a particular season. One for summer, and the other for the winter and .. is there any way to do this?