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    X-Plane 10 global edition as new

    Hi for sale my once installed X-Plane 10 from Laminar Research. It comes with global scenery on 8 dual layer DVDs. Since recently it also includes all Aerosoft Airports alike Nice, Faro etc. via online update. Of course it's fully updatable for the whole X-Plane 10 circle. Priced at 50 Euros...
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    Iar 80

    Now that's a fine plane: smoke when starting the engine etc.
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    apt.dat 850

    Yea, curved taxiways etc. are coming:
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    FSX user files on Linux/Wine EULA

    Hi I remember clicking the EULA at first FSX startup of my Vista install from Linux. Now I tried another FSX at the same location and got an error. Moving the original FSX back in place, I now also have some error message. I believe it's licence related, even with some phonenumber 0800* So...
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    FSX how to move FSX & addons

    Hi I can run perfectly FSX on Linux with WINE by simply mounting my Vista partition. Now addons that have registry entries do not work, but I don't want to reinstall all. Any ideas on how to extract all FSX addons registry data? So I could change paths and import with WINE's regedit. Many...