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    Didn't want to hijack another post so..... read the manual, I'm not so smart ;)

    Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone created the library objects for all the airport approach lighting systems in FS (in my case still FS9) to be added to the ADE library so us dummies could just place them correctly in a customizable GUI-style fashion? I'm clearly challenged to understand the...
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    Why is this rendering as asphalt?

    Is it a bug? What have I missed? I assure you all corresponding links (PATH) are designated CONCRETE including the highlighted...... A similar link to the left is configured the same (asphalt to the apron then concrete) and it renders correctly in FS9. The highlighted mysteriously renders as...
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    FS2004 Airport Lights (Special Circumstances)

    As I continue to educate myself in to the customization of airports (worldwide) my proficiency in ADE and SBuilder has some pretty accurate representations coming to fruition. However, my home airport has some unique lighting properties I have never been able to conqueor. I recently attempted to...
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    FS2004 Parallel Runways and AI (CYYC)

    I have recently decided to revive my Calgary (VA homebase) International Airport AFCAD with the new 17L/35R runway. I am integrating the file to an exsisting scenery. After painstaking hours of alignment, taxi sign placement and testing, I feel I have the AFCAD aligned appropriately to the...
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    Wing Vortices

    Hi. Newbie here to XML gauge programming. I've read some docs, SDK and examined other author's work. These are my parameters: PLANE PITCH DEGREES greater than 10 degree PLANE PITCH DEGREES less than 20 degree SEA LEVEL PRESSURE less than 1012 mbar PLANE ALT ABOVE GROUND less than 330 feet...