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    DIY cockpit HID info

    I am interested in taking apart a keyboard to use the electronics in a custom control panel and i'm wondering what the best way to do things are. I want to be able to use rocker switches. I think i can have one key for on, and one for off, but i need a way to tell fsx "if key is on, set lights...
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    Tiles nearby will not display (photoreal textures)

    So i have placed images from VE using SBX, but when i go to view them in FSX only the parts far away display, everything nearby is just normal flightsim landclass. Whats going on here? :confused: EDIT: it appears i can change the size of the problematic area around my plane by adjusting the...
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    Suggestions thread?

    Is there a thread somewhere, or a section, where people can request things? Sometimes when we run out of something to do(if ever) it would be nice to get some inspiration from a thread of people asking for stuff. Does such a thing exist here? if not, can we make something like that?
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    Need help finding carriers i placed in FSX

    So i placed some default FSX carriers in 11 locations, but three of them i cant find. they are in the northern arabian sea, meditteranean (south of cyprus) and off the coast of africa, i was wondering what i should do, i'm doing a search grid for now trying to find them. Edit: i have the files...
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    Aircraft carrier airport codes or ICAO

    I am working on a project of placing aircraft carriers around the world and each one needs its individual callsign, and i'm wondering what to use, For instance, should i use a version of the ships code? like CV65, or the international callsign, NIQM?
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    unable to rotate view

    Not sure what i did, but somehow ModelconverterX is now stuck with the view locked on the back of the models, and i cant use the left mouse button to move the view around, nothing happens when i try. Otherwise modelconverterX works good. anyone know what special menu to look under or something?
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    ICAO suggestions

    Hello everyone:wave: I have been working on assembling a list of airports to be added in utah, including heliports, and have rapidly discovered that a slew of the correct ICAO codes are taken or otherwise have problems!:yikes: I would like to know of anyone's suggestions on these problems...
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    FSX Airport flatten issues, not showing up in simulator.

    Scruffy can you look at this, I am at a loss to know what to do, none of these flattens are showing up, i was able to get two of them at once, but not all of them, and now none are showing up. i keep trying to move the vertices a bit farther apart, and recompiling, but it wont show up.
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    Mars terrain imported from google earth?

    Is it possible to import mars terrain from google earth into FSX somehow? I cant get google sketchup to read a .kmz file from it, it says import failed. The add location only works on earth... Any advice here?
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    FSX Animations: how to isolate them for default FSX aircraft?

    So SAMM doesn't work with the default aircraft for FSX, or any converted from CFS2, so i have to use MCX to make static aircraft, but when i import them, all the animations are set as retracted/etc and you have to slide the animation slider to extend them, but then everything works. How do i...
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    renaming scenery objects and GUID

    In the default FSX OPT, if you add objects, they are listed at the beginning under their respective GUID, is there a way to rename them to more proper names? IE: gen_plane_C133 ?
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    Misc question, photoshopping parked aircraft out.

    Would you people suggest photoshopping out parked aircraft as depicted on photoreal scenery? They are somewhat odd looking sitting there on the parking area... i was planning simply Photoshop out ones on the taxiways and runways, but they look bad on the ramp too.
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    FSX Photoreal blend mask issues

    So i followed the tutorials on and managed to get some reasonable scenery, but there's a problem. I cant seem to get SBX to read the blend maps. I've used PS to make a blend map, and saved it as a .TIF with the same file name and the extension...
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    FSX Strange FSX pink scrambled textures and bad display (newbie)

    I have tried to repaint Greg Pepper's B377, in this case, into the default Orbit paint scheme, but i have run into several problems: 1. The tutorial on the cal classics website is confusing and hard to follow. 2. when i save the textures from PS to the texture folder, they show up black as...
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    How to display AI objects as static objects?

    as the title says, i'm trying to display AI statically, so AI that sits still in one spot like a static object. I've tried using the OPT to place AI, and setting it to "sleep", but it doesn't seem to do anything. PS: I've never worked with AI before so this is all new to me.
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    Cant get runways over 25000 feet long.

    So i tried to add three 40000 foot runways, and they work fine in ADE, but when i put them in FSX it only shows as a 25000 foot runway. what now?:confused:
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    FSX How do i open things in SbuilderX?

    I want to change the location of french frigate shoals, aka Tern island, about a 500 by 3000 foot island in the mid pacific. I have figured out how to place a "map" image behind it, but its just a big blank "project". How do i add the FSX files that i need to edit to move the shore around? I...
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    this is a test

    This is a test. edit: Yup it works
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    FSX Newbie needs help with airport land class problems.

    Need help!:o In the jpg is a screenshot of the problem. As you can see the old airport was in the wrong place, so i moved it. I added a flatten polygon and polygons to add the correct terrain, but they didn't show up except on the edge of the old island. I want to get rid of the old island...
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    Cant compile to BGL using SDK compiler

    Cant compile to BGL using SDK compiler (solved) I made a file using the SDK object placement tool, but it wont compile with the bgl compiler. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. The compiler shows for a millisecond and i see a lot of critical errors, then it goes away instantly. It doesn't...