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  1. akrite

    FS2004 Google kml/kmz import

    Hello, summer holydays are near and the wheather isn't good enough, so I like to spent more time on FS. I'm looking for a good way to import googles kml/kmz into FS , the best way would be in ADE as an editable groundpoly . Is that possible ? The idea behind the question is to give agricultural...
  2. akrite

    FS2004 Placeable objects in a row

    Hello, I remember I requested this before, but i like to ask for placeable objects in a row again : We do have this on the development list now I think - 10034 and 10039 are there any plans to realize it, if yes, when ? reagards Andreas (EDHK)
  3. akrite

    FS2004 Timeline for 10034/10039 of development list ?

    Hi, Is there any time line for the feature of 10034, 10039 of the development list ? Thx in advance Andreas Gesendet von meinem GT-I9195 mit Tapatalk
  4. akrite

    FS2004 gmax - Display errors

  5. akrite

    AI makes some trouble

  6. akrite

    FS2004 FS Earth Tiles

  7. akrite

    FS2004 FS Earth Tiles inverted results

    I'm currently expand my horizont ;-) going east. I found some airfields which are currently not realized for FS2004 and not used active by real world aviation. These airfields are situation close to the sea / shore , so I like to use FSET to make a more or less photoreal ground and a reshaped...
  8. akrite

    FS2004 ADE Ground poly Editor ?

    Hi, maybe this is old/very old stuff, but I'm confused. I've read the pdf "ade_gp_user_manual" and think to myself did I miss something... I'm using ADE 1.55 and didn't find something like ground poly editor. Please help, what have I to do to enhance my skill with ADE and ground poly editor -...
  9. akrite

    FS2004 FS Earth Tiles and black tiles

    Hi, I'm using FSET to pimp up my ground and for reference designing AFCADs. Now I'm facing a strange effect : There is a big black tile within a water area , the coastlines are drawm as COAST and DEEPWATER. It seems to depend on the size of the water area, because it happens only in 2 areas...
  10. akrite

    FS2004 unremovable objects

    Hi, for testing purposes I placed an object, converted by SAMM, into an scenery. Unfortnately I can't see it in ADE but in FS9, now I like to remove it, but can't grab it, because it is not showm in ADE. In the model list I can change the object but cannot delete it, because it is in use. Any...
  11. akrite

    FS2004 Headbanging problems

    Hi, today I tried to start ADE 1.50.xx, it starts automatically in FSX-mode, without any questions which format I like to edit. Normally ADE ask which sim I like to work on, FS9 or FSX, this request is missing. Few days ago I have to reinstall FSX and from this day ADE won't work for FS9...
  12. akrite

    FS2004 AFX does not connect

    Hi, after reinstalling FS9 and start working with AFX , AFX will not connect to FS9. YES I started AFX before FS9 and YES FSUIPC 3.999w ist installed. What goes wrong ? Any Idea ? I need the preview feature to match the RWY and TWY to the photoreal texture.
  13. akrite

    [FS9] AI parking on wrong "gates"

    Hi, the last hours I'm facing a curious problem : I like to give each acft-type its right "gate", e.g. an Eurofighter should park in an TenPack(a new german shelter system with 10 maintenance boxes in one row), the usable height is around 5.5m - so no Tornado should enter one of these boxes...
  14. akrite

    FS2004 FS Architect + Plugins

    Hi there once was a payware product called FS Architect (Pouksim) with many plugins. I'm still looking for the plugins , because one enables the FS Architect to work like a sandbox model with gui to correct the mesh-polygons. Is there anyone out there who has all the plugins ? Thx in advance
  15. akrite

    FS2004 List of variables

    Hi, I'm desperatly looking for a list of variables(FS2004) that can be read by a scenery for multiple cascading animation, e.g. a hangar opens , then a vehicle left the hangar when the egnines(rpm) are off OR whatever combinations of animations you can imagine ... Is there such a list ?
  16. akrite

    FS2004 Jindivik

    Hi, for an upcoming scenery project I'm looking for a 3-views chart of an ASTA Jindivik - a small drone flown by RAF (Llanbedr) an the RAAF. Models are also prefered ;-)
  17. akrite

    [ground2k]correcting false elevated mesh

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum but not new to flightsim. Now I like to create a new scenery which is not covered yet and facing some problems: - to manipulate coastlines, I use Ground2k4 5.4 : any idea what i have to do to get the animated waves back? And manipulating mesh seems...