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    Safedock and Actigate in FSX

    I am trying to put VGDS systems in my FSX airport. I used VGDS_tweaker and got a mdl file. I have tested it in FS9 and it works perfectly, but I'm not able to put in in FSX. I'm using Airport design editor, and try to create a model, but when I import the mdl file, it has no GUID number and I...
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    Transparency in day and night textures

    There's something I can't get to work. I have a model made with GMax (FSX gamepack) and I need part of it is opaque by day and transparent by night, so I have two texture files: texture.bmp without alpha channel and texture_LM with alpha channel. I have set those files to diffuse color and...
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    CAT has no effect

    I have created a simple box, named it tick18_box and animated it, just a simple translation. Then I have exported it keeping files and using CAT applied a condition (between) to the trigger: NAV has to be tuned to 112.00. For that I have selected NAV2 frequency, clicked on the arrow to the left...
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    Problem when animating car

    I'm trying to animate a car in my airport, but I can't get it move right. First I move it straight for a while and then I want it to turn 180º and go back. But when I play the animation, the car starts to turn from the beginning while moving straight, instead of starting the turn in the keyframe...
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    No shadows on custom objects

    Hi everybody! My first post, so be patient if I am repeating a common question. Of course I've previously searched throughout the forum but found no solution to my problem. I am creating an airport for FS2004. The tools I use are: - GMax with FS2004 gamepack to model the objects, apply...