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    Disappearance of objects from certain angles

    Hi, I encountered a problem after I placed my Street Lights using XML Placement. The problem was as the following: * The Street Lights disappear from certain angles and then re-appear if I change my angle of view. NOTE: Reference point is centered in the middle of the object. Any...
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    XML Placement or Whole Model Placement?

    Hi Guys, I'm just wondering if XML Placement of a model affects the FPS badly as Placing the whole model does? For example: If you have to place hundreds of street lights in your scenery, which is better?: 1- To use one street light library and place it many times using XML? or: 2- To...
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    FSXA How to export Animated Flag?

    Hi guys, I followed a tutorial in Youtube about making an animated flag with 3ds Max using Cloth modifier and wind. After making the animated flag in 3ds Max, I called it "tick18_AnimFlag" and used the FSX Animation Manager Tool to create the animation. Then I exported my flag to...
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    FSXA SCASM Light not appearing over Ground Poly

    Hello Everyone, I've already used SCASM Lights technique on my first freeware product successfully! But now I'm trying to do it one more time for my second project however It didn't work really good. I made a runway with the right information (Right Coordinates and Length and Altitude of the...
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    Cannot Export CVX Traffic SbuilderX 3.14

    Hello everyone, I have a problem here with exporting CVX Freeway Traffic: I drew a line then converted it to freeway traffic line using satellite imagery as a reference. Then, when I ever try to export a message appears: "SbuilderX has stopped working" (If I click Cancel, then SbuilderX shuts...
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    FSXA Ground polygon wizard [Flickering problem]

    Hi Arno, I wonder if the last version build ModelConverterX is OK? with the last update, I'm having annoying problems with Ground polygon wizard, the wizard doesn't export to BGL normally. As I remember, the old ModelConverterX (the pre-last update) was able to export without any problem...
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    FSXA Oran Intl Airport DAOO FSX

    Hi guys, I talked about this scenery (Oran X Beta v1.00 8/10/2014) before in this thread: and said that I've released it since a month. Now it's time for some screenshots for you guys of the scenery that we've...
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    FSXA Hassi Messaoud Airport DAUH FSX

    Hey guys, We are currently developing an airport in the desert of Algeria, The city name: Hassi Messaoud Airport ICAO: DAUH Scenery version: FSX. (I don't think we'll make a version for FS9) After we finished the previous project (which is the airport of Oran Intl Airport DAOO FSX, I'll...
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    FSXA Ground Polygons - Multiple Layers in one BGL (ASM)

    Hi guys, (First, I wanna say sorry if my thread is putted in wrong forum, if so please move it to the right place) I'm wondering if one BGL compiled using ASM source codes is able to contain different layers of Ground Polygons (GP) by tweaking them?? I know we can specify layers to each...
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    FSXA Night Map [Problem]

    hi guys, I'm in a hurry, I must release my first freeware project today because i'm going in a trip tomorrow. Ok here we go I have a problem with night map creation for ground. I first created my custom ground polys using 3dsmax then above them I created a night map light this: NightMap: that...
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    Flood lights effect visibility [Problem]

    Hi guys, I'm having a small problem here with light splash visibility, i wish you would be able to help me! :) Ok let's begin, I faced a problem with the visibility of the light effect, as you can see in this picture: :( However when I approach to it, I see it well, but this is really...
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    FSXA PAPI Light & Ground Polys [Problem]

    Hi there, Our airport is almost done, so i'm now working on the lights of the airport. I made the lights and lamps manually using Instant Scenery 3 (Payware software), but for PAPI lights, I made them using ADEX (AFCAD PAPI). I placed the PAPI lights in their real places and used the photoreal...
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    FSXA Seasonal textures problem

    Hi everyone! (Sorry if it has been discussed before, and also Sorry about this thread, it maybe too long) We're working now on Naples Intl Airport in Italy (LIRN) project, and we want to create a seasonal textures for the ground (Not PhotoScenery, I mean ground polys), the problem is : FSX...
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    Creating sloped runways and aprons??

    Hi all, 1- I'm surprised of the existence of the sloped runways and aprons!! I thought that FSX can support only flat ones. I started thinking of designing sloped runways as in real life to let FSX looks more real@! You can see them in...
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    FSXA 3ds Max 2014 x64 - Can't export as (*.MDL)

    Hi everyone, I was mapping the textures into the plane in 3ds Max 2014 x64 of my project, and now I've completed it, so I went to File->Export to try to export it as type (*.MDL).However I didn't find (*.MDL) type. I found these options in the list when I say File->Export: Although I've...
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    FSX Problem with Ground Texture

    Hi, I have made a ground of an airport using GMAX Ya know, if we want to create a ground for FSX, we must first prepare our textures by splitting our satellite imagery into tiles, each one 1024 px x 1024 px or something like that, then creating a plane in GMAX or .. then converting it to...
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    FSX Splitting images into tiles AUTOMATICALLY?

    Hello everyone, I have made a photoreal imagery using SBuilderX. I wanna split that image to splits. It's 11264 px x 6144 px Every Tile 1024 px x 1024 px Means I''l get 11 tiles x 6 tiles Is there a way to split it to 66 tiles fastest and simplest or automatically than creating a grids in...
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    Problem with Long, Lati MCX 1.4

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    How to get real FSX Terrain Mesh? Help!