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  1. connomar

    FSX Well I didn't expect that-Lost my customized approaches

    I wanted to look at original Microsoft approaches to make sure an assumption I'd made was correct. I Opened the stock KORD, found the information, then returned to work on my revised KORD. To my horror, all the approaches I had written are gone, along with the waypoints that I'd had to add...
  2. connomar

    FSX Temporary Runway Removal

    KORD has just discontinued use of RW 15-33, and is currently using it as a taxiway. Eventually a new runway will come into use, so I don't want to delete or orphan the ILS or Runway as I'm sure the frequencies & ID codes will be reused - so the orphans will prevent me creating replacements...
  3. connomar

    FSX Create Line of Model Objects?

    I have created a model of a Jersey Barrier. They are the concrete lane dividers that are used during road construction. Each is 10 ft long, and sometimes a fence is added on top. While laboriously placing them, it occurred to me that ADE places fences using a drag draw method, which would be...
  4. connomar

    FSX Approach / Transition Impossible?

    I am trying to write the RNAV approach to KMSP runway 12L. The CMMOE transition does a 180 degree turn between INGLS T_Waypoint , GLDON T_Waypoint and WASHY T_Waypoint. Each 90 degree turn is 4.8 NM with GLDON in the middle. I think the RF method was thought of for this possibility but not...
  5. connomar

    FSX Version DEV 3/2/2018 -Night Mode

    Hi Arno, It seems that the night mode is currently not loading the night textures. Thanks Martin
  6. connomar

    FSX New Way to Crash 1.70.6042.17483

    I am close to completion of an up to date version of KORD. I originally started with the stock version, and in retrospect should have deleted all the data from the approaches list. Now I am finding that where runways have been changed, such as 14R to 15, clicking on List Approach ILS 14R Edit...
  7. connomar

    FSX LAHSO Signage

    I'm working on Chicago O'Hare, and I've come across the problem that there are Hold Short Lines on some runways that do not have runways but taxiways crossing. e.g. Aircraft landing on 10L and 10C may be directed to Land and Hold Short so aircraft Taxing to 4R-22L can use Taxiway Y or GG whilst...
  8. connomar

    FSX Co-ordinate Conversion Crash

    One of the amazing features of ADEX 1.70 is it's ability to convert different Lat/Lon coordinates when placing objects. My method is to use Google Earth Pro, position a place marker, then copy and paste the Lat and Lon into a single text string in the comments field. This I then copy and paste...
  9. connomar

    FSX Taxi Direction

    I hope this isn't a silly question, but is there any significance to the direction in which Taxi Paths are drawn? Many airports like Chicago O'Hare have concentric rings, A and B, and aircraft on FSX seem to always use the same direction. I am working on an up to date KORD, and it looks as if...
  10. connomar

    FSX Terrain Poly Issue

    I've been working on trying to create a trench for a road to pass through. However, once saved, it seems 1.70.6042 doesn't show the terrain poly (i.e. Flatten Polygons) when the project is reloaded. I'm not sure if this occurred because I locked them, but having given up, like most people...
  11. connomar

    FSX Change GP Line and Texture on Mass

    I've made a fairly big mess of a very large project. My taxiway and runway shoulders have got messed up and I need to replace over 1400 entries with a new Texture and line def. I can't edit GP objects on mass, so I wonder if the pre-compile source is exposed anywhere so I could find and...
  12. connomar

    FSX Altitude Issue Chicago KORD

    I've started on a revamp of O'Hare with the new runways etc. However, the extension of the field area has also changed the average elevation to 680 Feet. I've been through the procedure for changing the field elevation, and also applied a Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude Autogen Polygon over the...
  13. connomar


    Hi, I've followed the basics of Jim Vile's tutorial for using xwind runways to force FSX to use Parallel runways, and to my surprise had success on my first attempt. BUT, I called up ATC Ground only to find it was listing all the dummy xwind runways as Visual approaches. Can I close the xwind...
  14. connomar

    FSX Speed up Compile

    I am working on a large airport, and it takes a long time to recompile, mainly it seems, due to all the GP Objects. Is there any way of disabling recreation of the ASM file when no GP data has been changed? Thanks Martin
  15. connomar

    FSX Tower Height KMSP

    Hi, Does anyone have any clue as to the actual height of the control tower at Minneapolis St Paul International. I looked it up and found a table showing it as 150ft, but the Microsoft one was around 270ft. It looks rather low from the runways, but fine up close. It's a difficult one to...
  16. connomar

    FSX KMSP Minneapolis St Paul Int'

    Currently attempting MSP as 1) My Local Airport 2) I like a challenge. Objectives: To: Update the very out of date Microsoft Version. Replace all the buildings so as not to contravention the licence agreement Try to create more realistic and accurately placed models Get the ground markings...
  17. connomar

    FSX Any way of creating an underpass/tunnel in ADEX

    Me again, The project I am working on has many vehicle tunnels to allow the service vehicles easy access across the field. I have tried every permutation of creating a Polygon and setting it to Airport Background Flatten and all the other settings. I have set two of the vertices to be 20 feet...
  18. connomar

    FSX Advice on keeping Poly Count down

    Hi, I am working on Minneapolis St Paul International KMSP, a complicated airport, and my scenery is getting rather large. Please can anyone advise on the best techiques to minimize the frame rate hit? i.e. Is it better to: just create lots of boxes, or one box with multiple segments extruded...
  19. connomar

    FSX Ground Poly Transparency

    I've come across a slight issue when trying to create a ground poly to reproduce the pink roundals now being used on taxiways. i.e. a black ring, with a white ring inside that and a pink circle with a number on it. I created a bmp file with 30 of these, then used the Add Helper to create a...
  20. connomar

    FSX Crash to Desktop-GP Editing

    I am trying to put a lot of ground poly lines into my current project - Minneapolis St Paul International (KMSP), but after a while ADEX is just crashing out. I have full detail turned on for logging, but have a feeling Jon, you're not keen on unsolicited log files. Machine is i3 Processor...