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  1. Sean_E

    KMCI Bridge Exclusion

    Long time no talk gentlmen (and ladies). I am in need of an answer to a very irritating bridge. I have done everything I can to exclude the infamous bridge in the middle of KMCI, but I can't seem to find the exclusion point for this object. Does anyone know of where this point may be in...
  2. Sean_E

    Tweaked 2004 LIGHT_NAV code...not working

    Thanx Arno for your replies. But, there is something peculiar with the following: ; Node 182 - LIGHT_NAV_dblue11 transform: BGL_SET_MATRIX_INDIRECT 13 IFIN1 nolights11, 028ch, 2, 6 BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, -0.337, 0.337, -0.337, 20, 0.60, 0.40, 0B206007Eh, 0.000000...
  3. Sean_E

    Gmax 2002 & BGL_LIGHT

    Well, now that I have the 2004 LIGHT_NAV working, could someone explain to me how the BGL_LIGHT works in the 2002 MakeMDL? Specifically, how it is set up in Gmax. Is it the same as the 2004 way or is there a difference? I have been unable to find any documentation regaring the use. Thanx...
  4. Sean_E

    Light_Nav in Scenery

    Okay, I have scoured this forum up and down and can not find an entry pertaining to the 'tweak' needed in asm files to allow the lights to show in scenery when using the Light_nav in Gmax. Would it be possible for an overview of this tweak and possibly a snippet of code to view. I would...
  5. Sean_E

    LOD issue

    Okay, I have come across a minor issue with the following code: -------------------------------------------------------------- LIGHT_NAV_beta_MasterScale_1 label BGLCODE IFIN1 LOD_01, 033Bh, 0,199 BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_NAV, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0FF00009Ch, 0.000000, 0.000000...
  6. Sean_E

    How to Scale an Object

    Hi y'all, Just a quick inquiry question: Has anyone used the BGL_SCALE code to scale an object? I only ask because I am having thoughts that will need use of this while doing LOD things. I am trying to figure out how to apply this to an object....? Thanx in advance Sean E.
  7. Sean_E

    Maximum Number of Effects

    Hey all, does anybody know if FS9 has a maximum number of effects it can view at once? I ask this because I have created an airport taxiway centerline system in gmax using a total of 2876 effect references. Because of the number of effects, I can't compile them all at once. So I have...
  8. Sean_E

    Gmax Effects Export

    Okay... Does anybody know a reason why Gmax will NOT export an attached effect? I have created a line of 1m cubes boxes to use as my attach object. Using the attach object script I am attaching a home made light effect (centerline). Properties on the boxes are coded correctly (including...
  9. Sean_E

    BGLC Tweak for distance

    Well, I have been losing hair color over the past few days as I try to work this. I am trying to get a single taxilight polygon to disappear after a certain distance away from the user. This taxilight has been tweaked (using MDLTweaker) to rotate to user. It is good there. What I am now...
  10. Sean_E

    Double Sided Polygons

    Okay, this is a VERY basic question, but it is one that I am having issues with. What is the procedure to create a double-side polygon? Reading the MakeMDL documentation, it says that the texture has to have a prefix of DS_* to the name. I have done this and the polygon is still only...
  11. Sean_E

    Libray Objects

    Okay, I have been beating my head senseless trying to get this to work. So I have created a 'generic' mockup of a single library object as follows: Part 1: Created a vertical plane 2'x2'. No texturing, just the base color of the poly. Exported through Gmax MakeMDL to get the MDL and XML...
  12. Sean_E

    Gmax Effect Attachments

    Unsure if this should go in here or in the Effects forum...we shall start here. I have been goofing with attaching light effect to a box and trying to get them to come on at day, night, dusk, dawn. I followed the attachment instructions but I can not for the life of me get the effect to turn...