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    FS2004 MDL Tweaker Error 53

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    FS2004 How convert scenery for FSX ?

    I'm oinexperienced scenery creator. I'm on my second job (Ancona LIPY) and I wish I could also convert for use in FSX. Currently I create photoreal with gmax and then build on top of it objects and then place the objects means fs2002 plugin specifying coordinates 0,0,0.
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    FS2004 How to create runway light in gmax ?

    I would like to create runway lights that you are able to see at a distance. In gmax I tried to give night texture with vibrant colors but a few miles away I do not see it, they are too small. If I make them larger, within walking distance are too large. I would like to be able to add lights...
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    FS2004 how to use a Fliable Model as a static model?

    Hallo, i find on internet, SAMM software which should transform a fliable model in static model..but I can not use it, or better explain, I can get a mdl file which then can not open with model converts X. I would like to import a flyable model in gmax to be able to transform and adapt to static.
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    GMAX and big problem with "mirror" Function

    I open this post to try to solve this annoying problem that have with the "Mirror" function of gmax. I try to explain you that happened to me. I state, although surely you will know as using gmax is one of the first things you learn, that in Gmax one side of any figure has a single face .. as...
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    FS2004 How set max view distance in istant scenry 2 ?

    I use istant scenery's great software. I have a problem, all my scenery , seen from a distance, are heavy and have a drop in frames. I think the problem is what the PC tries to display all objects in the scenery even at extended distances. there is a way to set the maximum distance over...