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    Makemdl switching 2004 to 2002 in GMAX

    Guys , is there any way to switch from 2004 to 2002? currently im using 2004 wanted to switch to 2002 for ground poly's . how do i switch it temporarily? or can i have both makemdl versions at the same time?
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    Light altitude problem

    guys im having a problem on the small asm file it seems to be behaving this way when i fly my aircraft on higher terrain height , the ground lights on my aerodrome lifted above the ground according to my aircraft terrain height :/ on lower terrain it will go bek to its original position...
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    ASM-BGLC_9-MDL no XML?

    guys i dun have any xml file :/
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    LODs limitation , is there any?

    Hello guys Im currently doing ground units for my scenery Im doing it for every gates in the airport so this is my result I added two LODs LOD_100 and LOD_50 unfortunately it doesnt work :( i tried simple multiple objects , 5 cones , 10 cubes , 10 sphere and group them to LOD_100...
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    I cant add roads :/

    Guys Ive got Ground 2k4 v5.4 unfortunately i do not have any options available when i create line for roads . There is no options of wat type road i wanna add .
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    Plane surface problem

    Hi! Ive got a prob with planes in gmax. when i create a plane. only one side of the surface shows up. so i used 2-sided material , in gmax it shows up 2 sides but but in fs is still shows up one side. how do i fix this prob?
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    Autogen and GMAX Light

    Need Help in the following 1.Can anyone recommend me a program that could change the autogen of the ICAO:WMKK surroundings? .. its not suppose to be having houses .. the airport is filled with rainforest and palm trees .. 2.How can I create a pole light with gmax? You know.. the airports...
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    Inbound Major Problem

    Hi again :wave: , Ive notice that thres a problem in FSflatten . I selected my flattening area and the elevation , and exported it to bgl . Now the problem is.. sometimes the bgl seems not to be working and sometimes working . It works , when u load your fs near it . It wont work , when u...
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    Parking Range

    hewoo :wave: i juz wanna know how to create a Parking Range . Can it be done with gmax? or if not , how about other ways? :duck: