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  1. Andrew

    P3D v4 AIFP reads SODE files

    Can anyone please explain how to get rid of this in AIFP? It started to happen after I updated SODE to the latest version.
  2. Andrew

    P3D v4 Cannot export P3D4 MDL or BGL

    OK now I'm baffled. I just can't get McX to export a FSX type library as P3D4 bgl, or export a simple MDL from the library as P3D4 mdl. All the paths are correct. The P3D4 bglcomp works like a charm with ADE. If I choose to export as FSX bgl, it works. A friend of mine has no problem exporting...
  3. Andrew

    P3D v3 Aircraft list and repaint list

    How can I get AIFP to see only my custom placed AI Simobjects folder? I have all my AI in a separate folder ouside P3D. I just had to scroll myself insane, when having to point AIFP to six EMB-175. The aircraft window opens and shows me all my disks, and it stops with the bottom, my last disk...
  4. Andrew

    P3D v3 ADE171 GP - ENZV unsolved

    Remember I "solved" my ENZV disappearing ground polys by moving the ARP northwest? That fixed the GP problem, but also killed all my AI traffic. And I understand why I think. I moved the ARP onto the smaller, inactive runway. But as the AI always uses the main, large runway, moving the ARP away...
  5. Andrew

    P3D v3 ADE 171 - ENDU GP problem solved

    My speculation: Layer fighting? I have solved the problem with runway markings at ENDU now. Slewing over the runway, they popped away, then popped back again. Rotating in the air following the compass gave the same result. I tried everything to think of. At his runway, I use the default edge...
  6. Andrew

    P3D v3 GUID change won't stick

    I am in the process of decompiling libraries made with (not so) Instant Scenery, and need to change GUID on some models, but the GUID wont't stick after export. I am unshure what this exactly means in the common mistakes sticky: "object should have a different name and Guid otherwise either...
  7. Andrew

    P3D v3 GP Editor texture "no def" message again

    I have this nagging problem again, after updating the GP Editor to 1.30: I get the message "no def" using two of my custom textures. My Lines.def and Texture.def files are correct. I seem to rember this was fixed with an alternative .dll file download a while ago. Cheers, :stirthepo
  8. Andrew

    P3D v3 ADE and GP editor - runway edge lines offset

    It has been like this through several ADE versions. When drawing new runway edge lines, they are always approx. 10cm offset, depending on the runway heading. The same thing when I make new TDZ markings. I use the P3Dv3 SDK for export. Can this be fixed? It is a nuisance with all the extra trial...
  9. Andrew

    P3D v2 Are the bitomenous taxi lines ever going to be fixed?

    I have observed a problem for many years, with both FSX and P3D. If I change runway, aprons and taxiways from Asphalt to Bituminous (which looks much more like asphalt than "Asphalt"), the taxi edge lines and centerlines gets broken in each exit to runway. The lines are straight, and do not bend...
  10. Andrew

    P3D v2 GP polygon layering problem

    What layer can I use in order to make the MS taxi centerline be visible on top of a GP polygon? I have checked the manual, tried layer 6, 7 to no avail. It would help me a lot if I could get the deault taxi line to draw on top of the GP polys. Drawing a separate GP line is not a good option...
  11. Andrew

    P3D v2 ADE 165 default towers showing up

    Suddenly I have the default towers showing up. So far in three of ten airports, and I have to exclude them. This did not happen with ADE 1.61.
  12. Andrew

    FSX Freeware takes gold

    Me thinks this is a good thing to post here. All the hard work me and friends do, over decades, is often well-known, but still rather "indie". So enjoy here a tribute from Germany. Me, I need a drink. You guys are a part of this, don't forget :)...
  13. Andrew

    P3D v2 Offset taxi centerline and edge lights

    These lights in P3Dv2 are still offset from the lines. No matter if I export as FSX or P3D. In FSX, everything is spot on, even if exported as P3D. I have mentioned this two times in the LM forum, but I get no confirmation. Are any of you aware if LM really knows this bug? It is still here in...
  14. Andrew

    P3D v2.1 apron lights

    A big "thank you" to Bill Leaming, for the ramp lights package. I have tried (for a way too long time), to get my FS9 lights to work (a nice present from the Norway Airports guys), to no avail. Bill's ramp lights (with or without light poles), works wonderfully in FSX as well as P3D v2.1. 15...
  15. Andrew

    Cannot get Max2012 P3D SDK to work

  16. Andrew

    FSXA CVX file again

  17. Andrew

    FSX Airports of Norway FTX Global

    Whew! 15 photosceneries tuned to FTX Global, and almost all of them with all seasons & whatever not been done before. Now I got to find a place that can take a 1,5GB zip :D Farsund Lista ENLI (former NATO airport, closed): Molde Årø ENML: Haugesund Karmøy ENHD: Kristiansund Kvernberget...
  18. Andrew

    FSXA ADE Custom 3D Model Library Question

    I use Instant Scenery to add models to my library file. I add this library as a bgl in ADE. But every time I add or remove a model with IS, ADE does not see the changes, and I need to re-add it in ADE, and restart ADE. Then I see all the models, but also several versions of the same library bgl...
  19. Andrew

    FSXA Photoscenery - how much overlap?

    Two questions: I use Globalmapper to make my geotiff's. Sometimes the map can get rather (too) big. How do I split the map into several sections? OK, I can export two geotiff's from one map, but how do I get the overlap correct? I do not use SBuilder, but send my tiles to resample.exe...
  20. Andrew

    FSXA Weird mouse problem

    This is new to me. I've moved everything to a new computer, and gmax was fine. But now...zooming and panning does not work for my older models. It only works like normal, if I start a new scene and draw a box. That one I can do everything with, like I am used to. So what the hell happened here...