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    FS2004 FSDS Texturing

    FSDS 3.51 Windows 7 Ultra Hello all. Went back into FSDS and decided to work on some of my models. On one plane (small beaver I'm working on, on a lot of the aircraft placing the texture and it showing up in perspective in FSDS, it looks like the way I put the texture on. But when I compile the...
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    FS2004 Runway going below ground level (AGL)

    Hello. Placing a runway, it goes below ground level and when I taxi over to it, I fall below ground level onto the runway (cement runway). Looked on tabs and did not see anywhere to "check mark" as AGL. Other objects I'm placing in the area are ok because I "check marked" AGL on their...
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    Cannot scroll in newest version 2.2.03

    Hello. Installed program and cannot scroll up or down. Tried maximizing and still cannot get to written stuff at bottom. Windows Ultra 7. stu
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    FS2004 Adding models from FSDS 3.51

    Hello scruffyduck. Just now getting back into scenery design. Have used earlier ADE's in the past. Very good program. In FSDS 3.51, I've been creating scenery mdl's of buildings, bus's and other stuff and using the "models" in the list by adding them which I am able to have ADE place it in the...
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    VASI lights

    Went into lights, checked mark left and right VASI on the Primary properties tab, (Jensen, South Dakota), under World, dusk or nighttime selected, taken off from runway "S" heading north, turn back to the runway 180 degrees and there is a "ball of light" in the center of runway halfway down the...
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    Runway Lights

    Installed program and do like it. Went to Jensen airport, South Dakota, SD46. Changed runway from grass to cement. In properties selected for High (runway lights) and I have no runway lights. Going thru the tutorial, cannot find anything on it except for the properties. Only thing I find...
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    Landing Lights

    I know the landing lights don't work in FSDS for FSX. I did some experimenting last night. I went to the "effects" folder of FSX and took a look at everything in it. I noticed there were 2 files called fx_luxbeam1 and fx_luxbeam2. Went into my aircraft config file and added under [LIGHTS]...
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    Nav Lights

    I just downloaded FSDS update 3.5.1 today and finally got my VC lighting. Now I'm working on the navigation lights (wing tips). For FSX. When I'm in VC or main cockpit mode, I pan to left or right and cannot see the lights. If I hit the "s" key and look at sides, front or back (from outside of...