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    FS2004 airport design editor 1.55.4809.20220

    hi there just downloaded this update and wondered if it was legitimate as since i performed clean install of 1.55 this morning on trying to set up folders inside the program of settings/options/program options/folders, the only file location i get to set is the FS Main Folder. am i missing...
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    Loss of Detail

    Have been trying to design vehicles in skethcup and on converting them to dae files and reloading into ModelconverterX a lot of the edges on my models that respresent doors, panelling have disappeared and all i can see is a very basic vehicle. Have tried saving edges when converting under...
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    Updating Options in Development Build

    Using latest development build and am trying to add texture path to options but have noticed that the option via box at end of field to do this has disappeared. am i missing something? tom
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    FS2004 Multiple Textures for Converted API to MDL

    Hi Arno im thinking about converting some api to mdl and placing them in my fs2004 scenery. On experimenting with MDX i find that each mdl has its own textures. Is it possible to have a mdl for say a van have its own textures then repaint another texture say with a logo but use the same mdl...
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    Help Please - Objects with Multiple textures

    Hi Folks Have coverted several api to successfully to mdl and then managed to get them to show in FS2004 using Instant Scenery but was wondering if there was any way of setting up objects with several textures, ie a mdl file with a texture for say ABC bus company then the same file with DEF...
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    Coal Mine API or MDL

    Hi folks Apologies if this is the wrong forum but was wondering if anyone knew where i could get an API or MDL object file for a UK Coal Mine. Ive got UKVFR which i could use basic buildings for but not too good at designing in orde to design the winding wheel part of the mine. If there...
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    Help Please EZ Scenery Library Manager

    Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong forum but was wondering if anyone could help me. I have installed EZ Scenery into FS2004 and when i go to use the EZ library manager it comes up with the following error EZ LIBRARY MANAGER Run-Time Error '-2147024770 (8007007e)': Automation Error...
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    FSX Objects in FS9

    Hi folks Seen a question where someone asked if the fs9 object libraries could be used in FSX. My question is can this work in reverse. Ive got FSX and FS9 on my system and got EZ Scenery installed and was wondering if i could copy the FSX libraries into FS9 and place them in FS9 sceneries...
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    Request for Scenery Object

    Hi All Apologies if this is the wrong forum but i was wondering if anyone could help me in obtaining either an .api model or a gmax model of a Range Rover that i could use in the very basic scenery designing that i do. Any help would be appreciated. Tom
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    FSX ground vehicles

    Hi All Sorry if this is the wrong thread but i thought id ask anyway. Ive got FSX Standard and FS2004 installed on my pc. I use the EZ Scenery creator to add scenery to my FS2004 and was wondering if there was any way i could utilise the object libraries that are in FSX. Ie place them...