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    My latest Frontier Paint

    N216FR Mountain Goat :D
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    Windows7 OEM

    What exactly does OEM mean?:confused::confused:
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    Pan am b737

    Practically finished except for a few tweaks and painting the other side. POSKY B737-800W
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    My latest paint...

    Back to painting...and this for a website Finished...except for a few tweaks...
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    help for sign??

    I have been working on a FS2004 AFCAD for KCLS Chehalis-Centralis Airport. I've done all except the feature sign which I can't do. :( Could someone please do the sign for me? I've attached the afcad below, and would credit you in the readme and description.
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    Help please for a paint

    OK I've decided to bring out my paint brushes and paint again. is what I'm working on now. But i've run into a few problems. This is for the POSKY B767-400. How would I paint the tail, because it is a .bmp, not a .psd Also, what is the...
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    My laptop crashed so I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled everything from scratch...:mad::mad: I've done firefix/office/etc, now I'm doing FS9. At least i had all my design work backed up...Whew!
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    FS2004 A FS video

    A little video I made of one of my paints. What do you think?
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    My latest paints!

    here they are!
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    Aussie FS vacant positions

    OK i guess I'd better list all the vacant positions Aussie FS does aircraft repaints and afcads for FS9 and FSX- Vacant positions- FSX Aircraft Painter FS9 AFCAD designer/beta tester AI Aircraft Painter Please PM if you are interested:cool: You can do things at your own pace...
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    FSXA Aussie FS Logojet

    Hi! The Aussie FS Logojet I painted on the POSKY B738W! Entering beta. ;)
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    FSXA My First Paint!

    Hi My first ever paint! Painted on the POSKY B738W. Near final version- :) What do you think?
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    FSXA painting help

    I still can't work out to paint the default FSX 737-800. Is there such a thing as a tutorial? Thank you for any help!:cool:
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    Please a repainter needed

    Can someone please offer to do a few FSX aircraft repaints for me? They'll only be simple ones...:)
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    Landclass developers needed

    Hi, Is anyone willing to do some landclass developing for Aussie FS, preferably with SBuilderX?
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    FSXA Pyongyang BETA

    Hi all, Working on a Pyongyang landclass/AFCAD. Can some people download it( at and give there opinion?eg tips, issues :confused: Thank you ;)
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    Beta Testers

    Hi guys, If anyone is willing to do some FSX afcad/landclass beta testing for me, please contact me via pm. Thanks:)
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    Beta testers/ Afcad designers

    Hi guys, Looking for some Beta testers/ Afcad designers. PM me if interested.
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    FSXA FLoating Helipads

    Hi. I'm new here and am working on a FSX AFCAD for ZKPY Pyongynag Sunan. However the Helipads and tire/skid marks are floating. Any help? Topdown view is fine- However at ground view-
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    Aussie FS recruiting

    hi all I need some painters, betatesters, flightplanners, and scenery designers to join Aussie FS. Info and contact at Aussie FS homepage. URL in Signature See you there