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    GeoimageProcessor Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool

    As the title says. Shell tool - Automation of water and blendmasks for FSX and Prepar3d. EDIT: I've edited the download link to point to the resource section of FSDeveloper site...
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    New Zealand Photoreal Autogen Project 2.0

    HI all, With the use of Scenproc (for creation of building and vegetation), Autogen Merge Tool v2.30 (for merging and adjusting density) and my Geoimage Processor tool (for water and blend masking) I have some images to show off with the positive results. I am improving the masking in general...
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    Photoreal and Autogen

    Thanks to AGN Merge Tool v2.3 + Arno's Scenproc and QGIS, I have the entire country of New Zealand completed on the Vegetation and Building Autogen. More to my Geoimageprocessor tool, I am just finishing up water mask processing the last of the ~250GB of my Photoreal scenery. Here's some...
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    GeoimageProcessor automated processing of water and blendmask files

    Hi all, I just thought to show you where i'm at with my GeoimageProcessor tool, I am currently processing my entire country of New Zealand for water and blend masks. The attached screenshot shows what's been done so far and not having to sit in front of my computer to hand draw coastlines and...
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    Hi all, I have added a tool in the resources section that creates raster tif images from shapefiles for use with blend and water masking. So far, my tool reads the areaearthinfo text file from fsearthtiles for dimensions and coordinates and uses that data to create a tile from the shapefile to...
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    Geoimager - for creating Geotiff images from vector shapefiles

    Hi All, I have just release my initial build of my shapefile to raster image processing tool. It is able to process multiple files based on positional info within the AreaEarthInfo file that is used by FSEarthTiles. The shapefile has coordinates that are used to matchh the image dimensions and...
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    FSEARTHTILES 1.03b source code wanted.

    Hi all, I'm reaching out because I am after the source code for the later version od FSET. I have the source code for v1.0 but that version is missing the new exclude draw feature and I am bringing the UI into the 21st century. I have another program nearly finished that will take shape files...
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    Water/Blend Masking using shapefile

    Hi anyone that can help, I am looking for a way to clip an fs earth tile bmp file using a shape file to avoid having to manually apply water and blend masks. I really hope there is an easier way. Now the bmp file is not a geotif so no coordinates but I'm hoping someone can steer me in the...
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    CREATE3DBUILDINGS step missing from latest dev build

    Hi Arno, Does the step CREATE3DBUILDINGS exist now? I cannot find it in the latest Dev build. I want to use it for some major brand buildings rather than for all, to keep performance up. What is the current step for this? Thanks Kelvin
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    Increase Vegetation density

    Hi Arno, Is there any chance of adding logic to Scenproc to increase density of vegetation?
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    CREATEAGNLIBOBJ not working so well

    Hi Arno, Having an issue with creating power pylon objects. I am only getting 2 XML files after processing. I am using the below syntax, attached is my log. I did a test and it seems that if I process a smaller are the BGL's are created but I want to be able to process the entire area rather...
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    Need help creating BGL's from shapefiles

    EDIT: RESOLVED. Hi Arno (or anyone that knows how to do this), I'm not sure what's going on here but I am getting XML files instead of BGL files. I am using the below formula and the latest Dev version of Scenproc. Can you tell me what i'm missing...
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    Using Autogen from Regionalization Classes

    Hi Arno, Just wondering if Scenproc can use the Terrain Regionalization Autogen rather than using only single autogen. Is this possible as it seems when I use the regionalization autogen they do not show.
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    Multiple autogen types for a single vegetation class shapefile

    Is it possible for Scenproc to add 2 or 3 different GUID's for a single shapefile rather than having to split the shapefile in multiple parts or creating a separate autogen class? It would be good if Scenproc can allow adding multiple autogen and have some logic to mix these autogen based on a...
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    Excluding Autogen using Shapefile?

    I have fully covered New Zealand in Vegetation and Buildings but I want to see if there is any way I can use a shapefile, for example, for roads for the country and then use this shapefile in Scenproc to exclude all autogen based on the shapefile polygons? Arno, would there be a way to do this...
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    Where can I get support for Vogels AGN Merge Tool

    Ok, So there is practically no basic manual for this tool! It's a shame because it's such a great tool in combination with Scenproc. I need to have a question answered, hoping someone can help me. I am trying to merge alot of AGN files and when I use the Merge and Join feature, and select all...
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    Creating Object Library Class for default FSX/Prepar3d Objects

    Hi Arno, I'm moving onto adding default library objects in my project but it seems like it's all a manual process if I want to add even default library objects in Scenproc. Is there anyway Scenproc can look at library objects and purely use them directly inside the syntax rather than fiddle...
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    Hi Arno, I want to be able to add library objects as autogen and I understand I would need to make the classes in the default XML file. I am trying to find a way to merge my XML file with the classes into the Default XML file, appending the additional lines at the bottom. I don't want to use...
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    How do I uninstall Autogen Configuration Merger tool

    Hi Arno, How do I uninstall the merger tool as I have redundant autogen appearing in my sim that I don't want to be there. Is there a switch to run with the installer?
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    HELP! - Merging multiple agn's for different vegetation

    Hi Arno, I'm having some issues with your merging tool. I have multiple folders with their respective AGN files for different vegetation and want to merge them all into one texture folder. For example, I have indigenous forest, exotic forest, mangrove, shelterbelts, etc... and want all of...