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    Win10 upgrade nightmare

    so it happened. I remember to read the horror stories about Win10 upgrade damaging the system, P3D installations etc. while mine went always smoothly. Until last Friday. Most of the weekend lost on re-configuring my dev PC, it changed even some environmental variables with paths values. Some...
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    just read the FSW message about the SDK: "Some of you have expressed concern that add-on content is taking the focus away from the development of the core sim, however this is not the case. These add-ons are handled by our Third Party team, who are solely focused on bringing the best and...
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    Detecting a change in the Flight Plan.

    Is there a clean way to detect that the flight plan was modified ? Currently I read FPL in the XML with specified frequency and transfer it to C++ code then I compare with the previous entries. This solution looks a bit weird to me, so is there a batter way to detect the FPL change ?
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    FS9 map range and rotation

    I guess this is a question to Bob (rpmc) the author of fsmap guidebook. According to the guide, the range (zoom) is the biggest circle that can be drawn within the boundaries of the map. When you have map orientation to to the North and you start rotating, then the distance in meters between...
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    WebSimConnect 2.1 released

    I am pleased to announce the release of WebSimConnect 2.1 software framework for FSX/P3D add-ons. Major changes compared to 2.0 version are the following:  added Prepar3D V4 x64 support  Installation program that setup the engine and installs the examples.  WebSimXML, a new component that...
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    P3D v4 P3D v2, v3 SDK vs v4 x64 SDK

    I managed to compile and integrate with P3D V4 my components: all works like charm with LM keeping backward compatibility, so far, the only difference I spotted is extra data argument from gauge callback. It used to be: static void FSAPI Callback(GAUGEHDR* gauge, int serviceId, unsigned)...
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    Developing FSW C++ add-ons with no SDK

    I spent few hours to test a little bit FSW. I created .lib file out of new simconnect.dll and used old simconnect.h and old gauges.h. I ported from FSX 2 projects, a gauge and a dll loaded by DLL.XML. All compiled well for x64. My findings are: - the gauge is loaded by FSW and security warnings...
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    Little help with XML gauge needed.

    I need to modify an existing XML PFD gauge code. My XML skills are very basic and poor so I need a help from someone more experienced. It is not a lot of effort I believe, but requires good XML coding knowledge which I simply lack. PM please if you are interested.
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    Soft keys in G1000

    I am a complete noob when it comes to XML gauges. I only do basic XML stuff while I master C++. Now I need to modify original G1000 gauge used in various standard aircrafts shipped with FSX/P3D. I want to add just ONE additional soft key button in PFD which will simply set or reset single L...
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    Head-up Guidance (HGS) - another milestone

    Frankly speaking, when I started to experiment I was a bit skeptic whether it is feasible to do in old-good FSX a Head-up Guidance (HGS) as seen in the videos below: Now I am surprised myself by the results: The most amazing thing is that is works as I wanted it to be :) , i.e. the...
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    Synthetic Vision System - quite a milestone

    After heavy development, trying to steal every spare moment I reached the milestone and have beta of Synthetic Vision System for FSX/P3D. It also has a new home and will be integrated into Pilatus P-24 by IRIS simulations. It resembles Honeywell SmartView™ Synthetic Vision System (SVS) that is...
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    UNIGINE 2.3 and Round Earth

    Looks like UNIGINE has finally added Round Earth support: a really nice platform for the sim world, hope one day somebody will make a use of it for desktop simmers. I like it more than Outerra.
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    CustomDraw elements - 2 issues

    To complete my FSX/P3D HTML5 tools, I want to include a component that will allow to merge XML gauges with HTML5 CustomDraw elements in the XML code. I have questions to the ones who ever developed own CustomDraw element in C++ that can be used in the XML gauge. There are not so many samples...
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    WebSimSocket - external gauges using same code as embedded in VC

    WebSimSocket is another component from WebSimConnect HTML5 based framework for FSX/P3D/X-Plane. It allows to synchronize HTML5 WebSimGauges embedded in VC with the external browser rendering the same content. The main embodiment of WebSimSocket is to have a replicated VC gauge on the external...
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    WebSimXMLAPI - a way to control HTML5 based gauges with XML scripts

    I'd like to present another component from my WebSimConnect HTML based FSX/P3D tools. I had it in mind since some time, but have not got the time to tackle it. It allows duplex communication between WebSimGauge rendering HTML5 content with XML gauge. It is done using C: custom variables and...
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    Prepar3D v3 - dissapointment ?

    after careful reading of the release note of V3 I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Anyone shares my feelings ? The major disappointment is that it is still 32bit app, so it looks to me it should be still 2.6 version rather...
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    WebSimConnect 2.0 for FSX/P3D/X-Plane Win/Mac

    After some heavy development effort I have completed version 2.0 of WebSimConnect Framework. It has two major changes, I replaced the rendering engine (it is not backward compatible with 1.x components of WSC) and developed X-Plane version for Mac OSX 32 and Mac OSX 64. The biggest challenge for...
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    The need is a mother of invention. When Daan "Dutcheeseblend" approached me to help him with integrating my WebSimGauge into his Fokker models, I repeated what I am always saying when using my FSX/P3D X-Plane HTML5 framework, that the best implementation for plane makers is to build custom DLL...
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    Hi All, Some time ago, I created HTML5 based gauges for FSX/P3D After some weeks of effort I managed to port my component to X-Plane 10, so the similar stuff is available for all X-Plane 10 developers. The good thing is that virtual panel designer can use the same HTML5 code for both...
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    Scripting engine for any FSX/P3D add-on

    Dear, I would like to present another tool from my WebSimConnect FSX/P3D add-on development framework. It is called WebSimScript It is a component that: 1) provides an interface between any 3rd party add-on and the scripting engine. 2) allows to execute scripts. the demo is available on my...