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  1. bdf369

    FSX SDK Installation: Broken link

    There is a broken wiki link in the sticky post at the top of this forum: When I click the link there I get "Bad Title" error. SDK Installation...
  2. bdf369

    Helper Shape to Terrain Poly

    Is there a way to turn a helper shape into a terrain poly? I only saw menu options to turn the shape into apron, ground line or ground poly. I'm using ADE version 1.75. Thanks, Barry
  3. bdf369

    FSX Exporting model as FSX flatten

    I tried exporting a building model as a flatten as described here: The result is the footprint looks right but the flatten digs a deep hole instead of raising the ground. Screenshots attached. The building is just an test case but...
  4. bdf369

    FSW FSW SDK is Available

    SDK site is here: Download is via Steam and requires the user to own FSW. I took a quick look and see that it uses an updated version of XToMDL and bglcomp, so I am hoping that MCX might in future support working with this SDK? I guess the big change is the...
  5. bdf369

    Effect attachpoints offset in compiled library

    Working with I created a light as follows: Guid to Call=d4cf67e24c33558234062aab00390422 Guid to Attach=f7589b314f1f44c2c5ca0eaf797623a7 Light Only=False All in One=False Use Effect=* No. Bulbs=1 Strobe Firing Sequence=0 Total Strobe Flashes=8 Strobe Seed=0 Color_Front=Split-Red Slope...
  6. bdf369

    FSXA Unhandled exception in Make Object Library

    I'm getting some errors when trying to use this program. Using the latest Dev release I don't see any files added to my Addon Scenery folder. I included screenshots showing how I filled in the fields. After creating a single element called RedOmni and saving, I click Make Library and...
  7. bdf369

    FSXA M Graham Clark Downtown Airport (KPLK)

    This will be a freeware airport for FSX. Hotspot entry: Airport with updated mesh, photoreal, some new buildings and ground textures: Working on FBO:
  8. bdf369

    P3D v3 Which 3D modeling tools work with P3D?

    I'm thinking about getting P3D v3.1 but I spend the majority of my hobby time trying to make scenery and/or aircraft so I'm wondering about which modeling tools support P3D development. I guess Gmax is out (no gamepack). What about Blender or FSDS? I can't afford 3ds Max as I'm not a student and...
  9. bdf369

    Failed to process CFG point

    I'm getting some errors when loading my aircraft.cfg. The contact points are working but not exits or station_load points. The aircraft.cfg is attached. Thanks, Barry
  10. bdf369

    Getting started with Blender and FSX

    Hi, I'm interested in using Blender with FSX, any recommendation for which version of Blender (and BlenderFSX toolset) I should install? Is latest Blender recommended, or is an older version better? Also is 32 or 64 bit versions required or I can use either? Thanks, Barry
  11. bdf369

    Problem with 3DS Export

    If I export a model as 3DS format, I find it cannot be imported to gmax: The error in gmax is "Improper file format". I also have problem trying to import the 3DS mesh to photoshop (photoshop stops responding and I have to kill the process). I also get the following warning message if I import...
  12. bdf369

    shapelib.dll crash - SBX 3.14

    I added a golf course polygon to my scenery. Every time I try to compile the terrain vector scenery, SBX crashes. Is anyone else seeing this? Appcrashview details below. Thanks, Barry Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=130503403445824771 ReportType=2 Consent=1 UploadTime=130503403446245210...
  13. bdf369

    ADE Crashes on Startup

    I was experimenting with the Save Generic Building feature and capturing thumbnail images, when ADE exited on its own. Now when I try to start ADE I get this message: Log.tx1 is here: Thanks, Barry
  14. bdf369

    Does Gmax export convert PSD to DDS?

    I worked through the simple object in Gmax video tutorial and was able to make the model, texture it using the PSD file and export to FSX. The only problem I saw was that the Gmax export step did not generate the DDS texture file from the PSD. I assumed it would run imagetool to generate this...
  15. bdf369

    Add approach to FTX NRM airport