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  1. Jello

    FSXA SBuilderX Install problem

    Access to the path 'C:\program files(x86)\SbuilderX313\Tools\shp2vec.exe' is denied. Now I am assuming this might be because I have my SDK installed with FSX but in c:\FSX. How can I get Sbuilder to find that location?
  2. Jello

    Problem with polys

    Now I managed to get this sorted quite some months ago & with the help of jvile's tutorial, but I seem to have missed something somewhere. Ok got the FSX YSNW in ADE, used GmapCatcher to add my background image. Now to clean up YSNW of all the wrong parts. 1. Made my polygon. 2. Used Type...
  3. Jello

    FSX YSNW Nowra Military (YSNW_24 Update available)

    I had stalled on this project for a while as real life got a bit busy. But back into it & am currently working on my own complete lib file to go with it as I felt the generic or public use libs weren't in keeping with the real YSNW. Here's just a few buildings I have completed on top of what I...
  4. Jello

    Building glass texture?

    I am going though the process of making building for my YSNW project as well as other buildings & hangers etc for other projects, using Sketchup. Using the standard translucent materials that come with Sketchup enable you to see through the building, which I am assuming will eat up framerates...
  5. Jello

    Just have to say FSdeveloper

    I just wanted to say that this forum is one of the best I have had the pleasure of being a member of. I have found it very well laid out for finding what you are after, everyone is easy going & very helpful. Keep up the great work :)
  6. Jello

    "The Getting Started tutorial"

    I have just been reading through the tutorial & found the section on using MCX is quite outdated I am guessing as the pic's & references using MCX are quite different & makes it confusing for someone like myself who is very new to MCX.
  7. Jello

    FSX YSNW Nowra Military Complete

    Well, it's all done. I have tested parking, DX9 & DX10. I am just waiting for a few emails before I upload it. Looking North to parachute school: Looking West to aviation tech park: Dusk: Night:
  8. Jello

    FSX Parking problem

    I am nearing the completion of YSNW & used the fault finder which has come up with "orphan parking" spots. I have read through the ADE manual & done a search in the forums here & couldn't find an answer of exactly how to link parking spots to taxiways. I assumed that you simply linked the...
  9. Jello

    FSXA YSNW Nowra Military Version 2.0

    Version 2.0 well underway. I got the Airservices Australia charts, showing runways, taxiways, etc.. & have corrected the positions & widths, added the roads being more accurate than in my first attempt.
  10. Jello

    FSX Object Libraries

    When using other object libraries that don't come with ADE, do I have to also place those libraries into the FSX/addon scenery folder & activate to see them in my project? I found that trying to use certain objects (like hangers, buildings etc...) from say the YSSY Sydney objects library (for...
  11. Jello

    FSX First Attempt Airport

    Hi all, great & helpful forum :). This is my first attempt at using ADE after being a longtime FSX simmer. Thanks to jvile's tutorial in another thread I managed to clear all the dull FSX scenery from YSNW Nowra Military & going to make it more realistic & not so dull. Original FSX YSNW: Road...