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  1. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Air-to-Air TACAN (multiplayer DME) [Solved]

    JoinFS is compatible with the ITraffic system. In most respects it is similar to multiplayer. It's main advantage is that while multiplayer requires the same sim version between players and host, JoinFS works across all versions. You can have players using FSX and variants plus any version of...
  2. Roy Holmes

    FSXA AirWrench vs. AirWizEd vs. Spreadsheet

    Not quite. AirWrench does that, AirWiz does not. Here is how I know that. Using the Bombardier, where CD0 is in 1540, I noted the total drag at sea level and various Mach. At 0.5M AirWiz had the total drag as 7853, AirWrench had 7823 I then deleted 1540 so the remaining drag was from Induced...
  3. Roy Holmes

    FSXA AirWrench vs. AirWizEd vs. Spreadsheet

    To test if my 430 vs 154a theory was why AirWiz and AirWrench were giving different drag values despite the model having only 154a, I loaded up the stock B737-800 that comes with FSX and FSXA, and looked at the results in AirWiz and AirWrench. The airplane does not have a 154a, just a 430. At...
  4. Roy Holmes

    FSXA AirWrench vs. AirWizEd vs. Spreadsheet

    In the examples in both your posts, Airwiz has less drag than AirWrench. The thrust computations are identical. In your second example using full throttle MMax is showing 0.804 with AirWiz and 0.801 with AirWrench. That is a sign of greater drag with AirWrench. So whatever AirWrench used for...
  5. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Wing_Pos_Apex_Lon, Empty_weight_cg_position

    The importance of Wing_Pos_Apex_Lon is that it is the only indication of where the wing is placed. From the wing span, area, root chord and sweep, the Mean Aerodynamic Chord is calculated and CG is always expressed in terms of where it is relative to MAC, typically at 25% MAC. The CG is only at...
  6. Roy Holmes

    FSXA AirWrench vs. AirWizEd vs. Spreadsheet

    Well, one difference is that AirWiz has Acceleration selected and it appears that AirWrench is using the pre-FSXA thrust model. You can set AirWrench to use acceleration on the Tuning page. There are 8 choices for the sim there and you need to check which is selected. In FSXA there is no...
  7. Roy Holmes

    FSXA (DC-9) Effect of chord and span decrease on lift and drag

    1. I think what he is saying in that document and your quote from it is that the drag rise is reduced in the region slower than where it rises rapidly due to divergence (caused by local exceeding of mach 1). This could be reflected in lower drag coefficient drag values on the left side of 154a...
  8. Roy Holmes

    FSX ACE xml schema if condition

    Your code is missing a minus after the second expression. As it stands it does nothing, nothing is evaluated before being compared to 0.01. Roy
  9. Roy Holmes

    CFG parameters moved to AIR files

    Bjorn is correct. The old air files had a lot of data that is now specified in the aircraft.cfg. If you use an old air file with a section that is now in the aircraft.cfg the .cfg file takes priority. If you are missing essential data in the aircraft.cfg like wingspan for an airplane, the sim...
  10. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Convert numbers to strings

    Further to my post of yesterday. The FSUIPC Offsets Status document page 42/68 says this " 3130 12 ATC flight number string for currently loaded user aircraft, as declared in the AIRCRAFT.CFG file. This is limited to a maximum of 12 characters, including a zero terminator. SimConnect allows...
  11. Roy Holmes

    FSXA Convert numbers to strings

    The ATC flight number originates in the aircraft.cfg. I think you have to change it there. Roy
  12. Roy Holmes

    help setting bleed air source broken?

    As far as I can see in the FSX SDK the only events for BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_CONTROL are INC and DEC and they are in a section containing new events for FSX. The enum values are the same. K:BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_CONTROL_SET is in P3D SDK but is missing from my paper copy of the FSX SDK. You can use INC...
  13. Roy Holmes

    help setting bleed air source broken?

    In the P3D V4.1 SDK the enum values for (A:BLEED AIR SOURCE CONTROL,enum) are given as: 0= min,1=auto, 2=off, 3=apu and 4=engines. That differs from what you have in a comment and could be your issue Roy
  14. Roy Holmes

    Creating a Proper Yaw Damper

    It is quite possible that the default yaw damper is as good as it can be without a pretty sophisticated implementation using rate gyros, some form of PID and some complex damping algorithms. Just opposing yaw with rudder would work if there was no inertia. The 747 has more inertia than most...
  15. Roy Holmes

    FSX Difference between K:AP_HDG_HOLD_ON and K:AP_PANEL_HEADING_ON

    While this is not exactly on the original topic it might be useful in throwing some light on the subject of variables. The P3D SDKs have altered their structure with each succeeding version and in the latest V4.1 SDK variables are to be found under References. Under Variables, in Variables...
  16. Roy Holmes

    Bristol F2B Turn While Taxiing Problem

    A tail skid provides some measure of directional stability when taxying on grass, but no steering. To steer you have to use rudder and a blast of prop thrust. Roy
  17. Roy Holmes

    Preventing Creep with Breaks Set and Allowing Idle Taxi

    If idle thrust that just gets the airplane moving (assuming that is what actually happens for that specific airplane) is too low in the descent , it means one of two things. 1. The CN2 idle value from 1504 which is Mach dependent is too high because the table was incorrectly constructed or 2...
  18. Roy Holmes

    FSXA AIR files from ASM files

    AirWizEd will generate an asm file as well as an air file. However, it assumes inclusion of a particular set of entries that include what is known as Record 1101. I have stopped using 1101 and use the later equivalents instead. I do believe it is a simpler process to go the asm2air route, which...
  19. Roy Holmes

    Preventing Creep with Breaks Set and Allowing Idle Taxi

    This all assumes you have the correct idle thrust. It can simply be adjusted in the .air file. The chain for idle thrust is: Idle CN2% is set in Record 1503 1502 gives the CN1% idle from the 1503 CN2% idle Idle thrust comes from static thrust (aircraft.cfg) times the scalar in 1506 for the CN1%...
  20. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 Help adding simple autopilot to vintage aircraft

    While you are changing the aircraft.cfg also delete the "autothrottle_available=0" at line 3 of the autopilot section in the aircraft.cfg. The parser reads from top to bottom and works off the last entry. It is interesting if the change of direction indicator type fixes your issue in FS9. It...