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    FSX Map

    Hi friends: I wish to know if it is posible: I want to draw some rectangles in the map. It's like an Air Navigation Race in real life, where you have a map and you need NOT to fly over the rectangles. My wish is to create an ANR for FSX. Thank you in advance. ( Maybe if I create...
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    Cannot view the texture in FSX

    Hello, I'm newbie in modeling GMAX, and my first problem is that despite I can texturize my object, I see it perfectly in GMAX, exported it OK, but when I put it into a scenery to see it in FSX, my objetct is always black. I've tryed with 256x256 bmp and/or dds formats but always the same...
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    Multiplayer limitations

    Have you tryed to make multiplayer missions ? I'm founding lots of problems.Principally with the payer's scope.I'll make a compilation of them: AI Objects: -Imposible to deactivate it for all multiplayers.I do an OAA with "All multiplayer" target, but its only the host ( who launchs the...
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    Installing FSX SDK on Windows 7 64bit

    Hi friends: Does anybody know if there is an special issue installing SDK on Windows 7 ? The SDK entries, ( OPT, Traffic Toolbox and Efeects) doesn't appear in Fsx.cfg, or dll.xml, and can't get the tools. I wish to know if there is a special issue or am I doing something wrong...
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    Cameras in right order

    Hello everybody: I'm using six cameras on a race mission, and I wish to have them displayed in the personalized menu in the same order as order gates, but I cant get it.This is important because you could go from one camera to the next simply using the "a" key. I tryed to asign an...
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    Effects on multiplayer mission

    Hi firends: I've found two problems on a multiplayer mission, about effects.(fireworks) Have two methods to fire them, one by using a prox trig, and another fired by a timer trig. ( But only is the triggering player who see them. The rest of the players cant see them. The prox...
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    Multiplayer Prox Trig

    Hi again, friends: In a multiplayer mission, do you know any way to fire an action when ALL the player ARE INSIDE of a rectangle area ? ( I'm meaning NOT when all of them has entered) Thanks ! And excuse my english, please
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    Multiplayer Race problem (Aceleration)

    Hi friends: I'm making a race mission, and I wanted to start a countdown before race starts. I've done it with a timer trigger visible on the screen,wich starts when any player (the first who do that) litfts off, but the countdown showed in the screen is diferent for all players.The...
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    Use acceleration objects in SP1 or SP2 version

    Hi friends: This is the question: I want to use acceleration objects ( just want to put them into scenery), but I wish that the mission were flyable for all versions. I know that all objects are referenced by the proper GUIDS, specific for each versions. I dont know if it is posible.For...
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    Save acceleration objects as scenery

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'd put this thread in this category or in scenery design.Sorry for that. The question is: I want to use acceleration objects in an "All versions" mission. I wish to know if it could be done saving the mission as an scenary. ( Users should load firts it as scenary,I...
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    What's the best program to use ?

    Well, the question is: I started making a mission with the OPT, after that, I mix it with FSX Mission Editor, an now I've seen that there is another, called Instant Mission Maker, with beautiful screenshots like displaying objects, etc. From your experience, what is the best of them ? ( Or a...
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    IF Simvar extension on FSXME

    Hi, I'm trying to use this function in a FSXME mission, but have several problems. For example, I can "read" and get the trigger fired the "KolsmannSettings", Autopilots,and other variables, but when I try to work with any radio component, The IF sentence seems not to work.For example, using...
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    Converting acceleration to SP1/2

    Hi friends: I'm triying to convert an acceleration mission to an "any version" mission. I know that I can't use specific acceleration triggers, etc, but I'don't have success. I'm thinking that this may be due to the specific acceleration objects used , such an hangar at an aiport, etc. I mean...
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    saving game device's configuration

    Hello familly: I post it here cause this question is no exactly for developement, but may be useful.Sometimes I have a little problem. I've installed in my Pc Saitek Yokes, throttles, switch panel, pedals, etc, and sometimes ( and without know why ), I loose the hardware configuration and...
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    Create areas to land

    Hi, I want to make posible a land in the top of a buiding.How can I create an "special area" that makes it posible ?
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    Autopilot failure

    Hello, I can't find an autopilot failure in "Failure Action". I suposed that is not posible to set autopilot in failure. Does exist any way to do that ?
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    Disable AI Traffic

    Hello boys: I was testing my mission, and when I was going to land, an AI Plane ( autogenerated)goes to the runway and prevented my landing.dos exist a way to disable this trafic? I saw that I can disable ATC in overrides, but my question is if that disable the AI autogenerated too.
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    One shot sound action doesn't work

    Hi boys: I want to start my mission with a litle song, and thought that the easy way was by using this action, but I can't hear nothing. I supose that I've done the .wav file in the appropiate format, because I've used the same as in dialogs, and the .wav file is in the mision's sound folder...
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    Ther is an easyer way to do that ?

    Hello family: I want to generate an AI aircraft, wich takes off from and airport, flyes, and lands in another aiportor, that is about 50 miles far.I supose that I can do it with the aproppiate wayponts but....... it's hard to set all the waypoints nedeed, so.... there is another way to do that ?
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    Moving camera

    Hello boys: I want to do a "camera travelling" at mission's start, and I did that, by attaching a camera to an AI ground object, and set the camera 20 meters up. It gets the "travelling" that I wanted, but only in an airport, because the ground there is plain. When I want to repeat this, but in...