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  1. Gonzales

    need a autmatic Installer for Aircraft Liveries

    Hi, im looking for a Software which can install Liveries which i painted. I mean i open this Intaller and the Installer put the Texture Folder to the correct Aircraft Folder and write the aircraft.cfg new. Where can i find such Installer? Thanks a Lot Gonzo
  2. Gonzales

    How to install the FSX Object Placement Tool

    Hello, i want to install the FSX OPT for my first time. Can somebody help me to understand which Steps i must do to install the OPT. The SDK ist sucessfull installed- but the next Steps to install is unable to understand. I didn´t find any Tutorial, nothing. Cansomebody help please. Thanks a...
  3. Gonzales

    DXTBMP will not save changeing File in correct Colours

    I have reinstalled my Windows 7 and have since then problems with the DXTBMP. With Paint as Editor i can save the paint files and save as dds. But when I use Gimp 2.8 or 2.9 as an editor, he either does not save the files or he plays them with completely different colors. However, the norm.bmp...
  4. Gonzales

    Delete oroginal FSX Objects

    i´m looking for a Software to delete original FSX Objects like the Building and Trees or Lakes from Backyard around the Airport. I did build my own Airport like i see in Google Earth. With all Taxi and Runway. But now i have the Problem that i have a lot of Trees at the Runway and some Buldings...
  5. Gonzales

    Sketchup 2015-how to create a rotating Part

    Hi, sorry for my bad english-the Reason whyx i can´t find the correct Answers here. i create a House with Sketchup 2015. The Building us ready but now i want that the Radar screen rotate all Time. But i dont know how to build such a "Radar". Can anybody help me to find a answer. Thans a Lot...
  6. Gonzales

    FSX PMDG B737 Import Alpha to the Texture

    Hi, I want paint a Livery for the PMDG B737. The Day Texture is already done, but i dont know what to do for the Night Texture. my english is not so well and i think i did a Mistake with translation. I understrand that i must copy and resize the Alpha to the I open...
  7. Gonzales

    ADE dont compile Files

    The ADE dont compile my desinfed Airport. The first Changes works fine in the FSX. I did some Buildings an a Taxiway to the Airport. But now i delete some Buildings and a new Tower and the ADE wont compile it. I dont understand why-before ADE works- i can see the Result in the FSX ( so the...
  8. Gonzales

    FSX ADE doesnt find own add on libraries

    Hi, sorry for my bad english as first. i did built a house for the FSX. I did create the .bgl and also the Texture for this house. Everything is fine. The ADE can find it and i saw it in the Library. My 2. House i dont find it in the Library, also not the next. So i thinked i deinstall the old...