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    FSX 3D Grass View Distance

    I'm currently not sure, I think there aren't any. But lately I was working on LBSF, Taxi lights on the Taxi-Ways, and I think, potential solution to fix this, is the adding an empty LOD, to the model, and then resetting it. Do you think it, would work?
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    FSX 3D Grass View Distance

    Did you find any fix for this specific problem?
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    P3D v4 [Solved] Wierd lines on 2d volumetric grass

    Solution is pretty easy, just import it in the Model Converter X, and then just add an empty LOD, then the grass model, will be show above other objects at the same level, and you will be able to see it fully and visibility would be full. :)
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    Volumetric Grass showing when I'm closer to it.

    Hello, guys. Maybe this could be very easy solution to some of you, but I really need your help, if possible. I have created .bgl file of the volumetric grass I need for my airport. It fits almost perfect in some areas. The problem is there, It gets more and more invisible as i'm getting far...