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  1. maceo


    Trying to get the fireworks to work over the new WDW scenery that I am designing for FreeFlow Florida. I can get one burst of fireworks, but I want them to last 20 minutes beginning each night at 11:00pm Heres what I have. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <FSData version="9.0"...
  2. maceo

    No MDL created

    Have been using CAT 0.93 for a while with success, but this morning I was trying to create the mdl for this particular object and am getting this error: I am attaching the asm codes for review. I am using the FS9 gamepack from GMAX 1.2
  3. maceo

    LWM polys in G2K4

    VTP polys in G2K4 I downloaded Ground2K4 (version 5.3.02) and am having a hard time understanding it. No real tutorial included, and the readme leaves something to be desired :tapedshut . All I really want to do with this is to create the LWM polygons that are used around an airport to...
  4. maceo

    Graduation Congrats Arno!

    Congratulations on your Graduation today Arno! :greenflag :greenflag :greenflag :greenflag :greenflag :greenflag :greenflag I know you have put a lot of hard work into your degree! Job well done!
  5. maceo

    Eagle County Airport

    After finishing my work at Aspen, I hopped over the ridge to give KEGE a face lift. Good reference material from the web and from a real-world pilot in the area has led me this far...... First a real-world phot0 of the terminal (NOTE: The terminal has since had a renovation and wings added...
  6. maceo

    Anyone seen this happen before?

    I have coded a refuel/repair block and saved it at this airport. (The same xml code I have been using elsewhere with no flaws). One member of our club has reported this view of the fuel blocks. Gotta be a hardware issue, right?
  7. maceo

    Fuzzy textures

    Some of my club members are having a problem with some scenery that I designed. They say that after installing the scenery that they are getting some strange effects. Not from the new scenery, but from the surrounding default scenery. See...
  8. maceo

    RWY12 uploaded at AVSIM

    RWY12, a program for xml coding in FS9 (similar to ObPlacer) is ready at AVSIM. I downloaded it and installed it and it appears pretty easy to use, just need to add some more objects to their default library and I will pretty pleased with it. File name:
  9. maceo

    Cruise Ship

    Just completed this cruise ship in GMAX for use in FS2004. You can download the GMAX source file and texture maps from Also, please feel free to download and use any of the other scenery items available there. Enjoy!
  10. maceo

    Fuel box

    I was banging my head on the desk the other night :banghead: trying to get the refuel/repair placed properly with xml when I ran across Hans' answer to a previous post here concerning a fuel box. As always, his info was dead-right, but I posed a question to him that I hoped I could get some...
  11. maceo

    Exclude, Flatten and Smooth for xml?

    Any good programs out there for performing exclude, flatten and smooth in xml? I have been using the old FSSC method, but want to get a jump on FS10 and convert all of my scenery to fully xml compatible. I have tried ExcBuilderV2, but dont find it particulary trustworthy for excludes. I...
  12. maceo

    GMAX Scenery Animation

    Can anyone point me to a better scenery animation tutorial than the one that comes with the GMAX SDK? Its a bit sketchy and not intended for someone who has never animated in GMAX before. As always, THANKS! :teacher:
  13. maceo

    MDLTweak Variables

    hi Arno...just downloaded the MDLTweaker and I think Im going to like it, but I need to ask about the Variable values and the minimum and maximum for the conditions. If I wanted an object to appear at only one time of day, how do I get the correct entries for these figures. I see in the pdf...