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    Hi gggdude, What kind of variables are you using to change the AI position ? Only Lat/Lon/Lat/PBH, or also aircraft speed and acceleration ?
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    How to make tumbinails

    This tutorial is outdated since I made a new library manager window in Whisplacer 0.9. However the procedure for making thumbnails is similar. Create files named {GUID}.thumb.gif (or {GUID}.top.gif) and put them in the appropriate directory for the library. .png and .jpg are also valid file...
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    TCalcX/Net framework 2/Vista 64

    I don't understand the cause of your problem, but it sounds like an architecture mislinking, as the common denominator is Vista 64. The managed simconnect lib is just a wrapper around original, 32 bits, C code. I don't know how the .NET environment translates these calls in a 64 bits runtime, or...
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    How to remove terminal from the airport?

    No SHP2VEC exclusions are useful only for autogen buildings. You need a XML exclusion (ie compiled with bglcomp) against airport terminals.
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    How to remove terminal from the airport?

    Create an exclusion rectangle for library objects and/or generic buildings, using fsxplanner for instance
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    Placing Objects/Buildings with Whisplacer

    Default airports often contain custom buildings whose models are located in OBX*.BGL. Whisplacer doesn't "know" them because it preferable not to use them outside their area. What is the label displayed near the building ? if it looks like "Autogenerated: {xxx}" then it's one of them...
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    Whisplacer: shadow of a tree rectangular

    Default trees are rectangular in FS, ie they consist of two perpendicular vertical rectangles. The texture transparency do the rest. I don't know if the rendering engine could cast proportionnal shadows through alpha channels :confused:, but keep in mind that the functions used for 3D preview...
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    TCalcX/Net framework 2/Vista 64

    The public key token is different (TCalcX requests 31bf3856... but the one registered in WinSxS is 67c7144...)
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    Enforce flatten?

    Make a local flat mesh for this area. Or change FlattenMode of hydro polygons in terrain.cfg
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    acceleration pack & sdk

    The contents of fsxsdk.chm can be extracted : (from : mkdir ext hh.exe -decompile ext fsxsdk.chm It seems that the SDK directory structure and filenames were preserved during extraction, so the contents can be copied to a previous...
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    convert spb file

    It can be done with the annotator SDK. In the "Autogen Configuration Editor" window, you can open a SPB file and save it as XML. Unfortunately I found this after writing spb2xml :o
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    New tool: Whisplacer

    You didn't specified a file extension when saving files. Whisplacer use this extension to determinate the file type when loading, hence the error message. I will add a function to automatically append file extensions if the user forget them.
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    New tool: Whisplacer

    Well, at this time the documentation is nearly non-existent, as it's not my cup of tea. As of 0.8, the database is created on first startup from installed default libraries. Unless you want to use custom objects, but this feature is mostly for advanced users since the import process could be...
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    New tool: Whisplacer

    FSX crashes when simobject containers use a visual_model_guid instruction and the given GUID is not found in loaded libraries. It's a known and reproducible bug. It may not be meaningful to you, but that's precisely the method used by Whisplacer to insert objects. So you have to make sure that...
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    Updated FSX Scenery Objects Site

    Hello all, I've updated the sceneobjects website with images and thumbnails from Acceleration objects. New global objects libraries were added in the Acceleration Pack, containing a dozens of neat 3d models. Also autogen.bgl and vegetation.bgl contain new objects. You may distinguish them...
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    Heat-seeking missile?

    Some months ago I coded a small prototype software with the same idea in mind. However, the overall work to get a decent result was too heavy and it was not very useful for my flying purposes, so I didn't continue or release it. Here are my observations and various things I learned during this...
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    try PROP1 SYNC DELTA LEVER or PROP SYNC DELTA LEVER:1 (and consequently :2, :3 or :4 if you have a multi-prop)
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    Google Sketchup and 3D Warehouse

    Could you guys test this thing :
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    Water texture

    Try changing the underlying waterclass tile. It's available in SBX under the tools->water menu. However , WC tiles are fairly large (probably the same as Landclass : 1.2 km), so if your pond is very close to the coastline, ocean water would be altered too.
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    FSX connect the easy way ....

    You don't really need such an utility to configure simconnect applications. Just specify a fixed port number in simconnect.xml. Remember it's %APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX\SimConnect.XML Don't use port numbers < 1024 or 8080 Eg: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document...