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    It's all broke! ahh MCX to Lib

    Had the usual update notification so i updated my MCX, did some modeling then went to drop my MDL into my lib but it comes up with incorrect version! i have alway exported to P3d v2. If i try to drop any of my old MDL files into the lib it also has the same error message. Corrupt lib file?? i...
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    SimDirector where to post here?

    could not find a section for SimDirector but anyway this may not be a fault of SimDirector. I have placed many objects in SimDirector and find it very easy to use, but i have noticed that only position, alt, and heading remain when the BGL is created. I set objects with pitch and bank...
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    how to change the default setting of materials

    most object i wish to create i want almost no reflection, where do i change the specular default, its driving me nuts having to change it on every model i make.
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    New FS earth tiles please!

    Arno, we know you're the man for the job, help us create our photoreal textures. xp2ortho is so refined compared to fserthtiles and sbuilderx , also google sats are so much better that bing! A up to date FSearthtiles with zoned zoom levels low res and high res around airports, please...
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    I have been working on my local airport for some weeks now, you can check out this vid i did on it. I'm hoping to expand the area to a corridor to the next field with VFR objects as waypoints en route, possibly churches or just any object over 100ft to start. any suggestions please leave in...
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    Little black lines on model!

    I have an issue I cannot find what it going on, I have made some hedges with transparency on the alpha channel. I turned the alpha threshold up to 200 to ensure the alpha is working strong. oh, by the way, the models are made in Sketchup and exported to Collada file and imported to...
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    Too shiny! for the love of god please help

    ok i gonna loose it with the default shiny look of modelconverterx, fine for buildings fences etc but noticed now i have tried to make some hedges they are all shiny! err. in the material editor, a bewildering amount of options specular etc but what to I switch to turn off the shiny reflection...
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    Direct Sketchup support

    Would it be possible to import an SKP file directly to save the process of exporting/importing?