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  1. Jim Johnson

    Two or more gauges calling the same update function

    After a few days of trial and error, looking in the SDK, other forums, and this one, I can't find where this is specified or prohibited. Is it possible for two or more gauges (GDI+), with the proper gauge declarations, utilize the same 18hz update function call in a DLL? Or does each gauge...
  2. Jim Johnson

    P3D v4 GDI+ and MAKE_STATIC macro

    I'm working on an aircraft DLL and an associated aircraft that will need multiple GDI+ gauges, is there any way to have only one C++ driver/DLL (i.e. SDK.h and SDK.cpp to use the SDK example) yet have multiple GDI+ gauges specified? Or do I have to have one DLL for each gauge?
  3. Jim Johnson

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights Inside VC

    I'm writing a PDK dynamic light like the custom lights example, works fine outside the aircraft. When I try to AddLight to a point inside the cockpit the code controlling the light is correct in the debugger and seems to be fine; the light never appears within the confines of the VC. Is there...
  4. Jim Johnson

    P3D v4 Engine Variables

    I have been asking around about which Avars to use for the engine system I'm currently working on. When looking at the SDK reference on variables, I see variables for different types of engines. My question is for a single stage turbine jet engine should I use those marked with the prefix word...
  5. Jim Johnson

    Hexadecimal Event IDs

    In writing C++ code for part of the electrical system, I have found between the model/animations and the code there are a lot of things that are going to need custom L:vars (and some will require associated trapping events) since there is (seemingly) no Avar to get data from the sim related to...
  6. Jim Johnson

    Pitot Static System

    I'm a new C++ gauge programmer and am stumped. As the title says this question relates to a complete pitot static system for an aircraft cockpit project. To get the airspeed indicator connected to the pitot static system to work I need to get the static pressure and the pitot pressure to...
  7. Jim Johnson

    How to merge weapons using MCX and Blender

    I'm doing some research/learning on how to take an old freeware aircraft mdl import it into MCX, export it to a format that Blender will import with everything (animations, etc.) intact, mate the weapon(s) in Blender, merge the models, then use the Blender2FSX and/or Blender2P3D tools to export...