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  1. Flugwerk

    sceneProc crashes

    Hello Arno, The latest development release of scenProc crashes immediately when started: An unexpected error occurred Error: Can't load requested DLL: C:\ModelConverterX\x64\plugins\gdal_netCDF.dll 14001: Diese Anwendung konnte nicht gestartet werden, da die Side-by-Side-Konfiguration...
  2. Flugwerk

    Scale Factor for Buildings

    Hello Arno, It would be nice to have a scale factor for buildings, to make it just a bit smaller than the footprint is, i.e. 90 (in %) Reason is that on Aerial Images you can see mostly the outline of the Roof which is normally bigger than the footprint of the building itself. Best Regards...
  3. Flugwerk

    Error when starting ScenProc

  4. Flugwerk

    Create Attribute from Values

  5. Flugwerk

    Object placement missing

  6. Flugwerk

    Adding Objects

  7. Flugwerk

    LOD and drawing distance

    Is there any description available for the relation of LOD and drawing distance in FSX? What object is best for the lowest LOD level, far far away? A short line, small plane or just a point? Regards, Heinrich
  8. Flugwerk

    Choppy Animation

    Today I tried to export my first animated windgenerator to FSX. In 3D Studio the animation is smooth and looks fine, after exporting to MDL (P3D SDK) the animation is choppy, the position of the blades changes every 5 seconds to random rotating positions. Are there some special settings in 3DS...
  9. Flugwerk

    Development Relwease: Recent Change Page

    Hi, There seems to be some glitches on this page: There are 10 indentical entries for the latest built v390 and more on the previous pages. Really creepy ;-) Regards, Heinrich
  10. Flugwerk

    Ramplight Library

    Hi, I really like Bill's Ramplight objects, the effect of the light glow looks pretty good at night, but at daytime I get this blue glow effect on the ground (see the image). What can be wrong here? Maybe the apron material, but its standard FSX. Regards, Heinrich
  11. Flugwerk

    Weird filtering

    Hello Arno, I'm a bit confused with the filter options in ScenProc. If you can see on the screenshot and in the log-file, ScenProc has produced XXL-buildings also from vegetation shapefiles. I'm using the attribute CATEGORY for filtering the building and this attribute doesn't exist in the...
  12. Flugwerk

    Flickering Taxiway texture in FSX

    After a few days messing around with flickering taxiways at the standard airports in FSX, I found one original texture with missing mip-maps. Texture name is 'taxiway_detail.bmp' After adding mip-maps the taxiways are looking good and smooth now. I have no idea if this is a known bug but...
  13. Flugwerk

    Corrupt AGN-Files?

    Hello Arno, I have a strange problem with the agn-files produced by ScenProc. When I load one of my specific flights, FSX crashes at about 75% when loading the autogen. As a next step I disabled autogen and FSX loaded the flight properly. Next I loaded the blg-file which resides in...
  14. Flugwerk

    Update Textures Button

    Hello Arno, I'm missing the button 'Update Textures' in the material editor. How can I set the texture changes to the 3d model prior to exporting them? Regards, Heinrich
  15. Flugwerk


    Hello Arno, When I use the command REPLACEPOLYGONBYBUILDINGRECTANGLES, will all the attributes of the replaced polygons be inherited to the 'new' polygons for further filtering? Regards, Heinrich
  16. Flugwerk

    Development Release Page

    Hello Arno, Is there any new release of scenProc? Somehow the 'recent changes' page is empty, date is from Sep.3rd,2011 Happy Armageddon day, Heinrich
  17. Flugwerk

    Square Buildings

    It would be a nice addition to the filter options if we could determine if a building is (more or less) square, eventually with giving a RATIO value. Regards, Heinrich
  18. Flugwerk

    Some Ideas...

    To make this great tool more versatile it would be nice to export also a standard BGL compiler XML file for placing generic buildings and/or library objects. In the OpenStreetmap data are many objects for such purpose like power lines, radio masts, fuel tanks... A 64-bit version would also...
  19. Flugwerk


    It would be great if we can do more specific filtering like this: CREATEAGNGENBUILD|FTYPE=POLYGON;FROMFILE=build.shp;building=yes;FMINSIDE>5 AND FMINSIDE<20|{5ae04eb6-934c-4f63-bb48-5e7dee601212}|MAXRATIO=2 ________ Heinrich
  20. Flugwerk

    shapefile with holes (islands) in it

    Hello Arno, I want to convert shapes of woodland to AGN but the shapefiles have lots of holes (clearances in the wood) which results in strange overlapping parts in the resulting AGN file. Is it possible from your side to convert these kind of shapefiles correctly or is it neccessary to...