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  1. crazieman_47

    Do you know how to add Custom Audio at your Airport

    As the title entices, I was parked at sitka after installing snow dog tours and realized there was audio playing of waves, and loons. I thought to myself what could make my scenery better? Sound! So I sought out to figure it out... no avail, no sdk, so Arno or anyone out there in the world...
  2. crazieman_47

    FSX Acceleration P-51D Racer

    Anyone out there worked on the ground control of this bird? There are some major issues with Taxi, tail wheel, and the fact that you step on the brakes and it bounces forward and just about hits the prop on the ground! IF anyone has updates or fixes please let me in on it!
  3. crazieman_47

    Stock Airplanes Turned into Scenery Objects

    I searched with different Parameters and could not allocate information on this question. Were trying to create some static airplanes for a movie scene and want to use the stock airplanes and some freeware planes with user permission. what we want to do is add them as scenery objects and...
  4. crazieman_47

    Night Vision

    Found it for FS9 but the fellow is not releasing his code. Video can be found on Vimeo. Really would love some Night vision.
  5. crazieman_47

    FSX GUI locational Data

    Please move if you know a better section. I've been editing the main FSX GUI or "Uires" as you might know it. -Anyone know where the positional Data for the buttons is locate? -Idea is to customize the menus and create custom designs such as you see with Winamp. i can change the .bmps...
  6. crazieman_47

    Help! Compile/Share Issue

    When in Doubt ask the experts! I wish to share airports I have created. I have written down the scenery library's .bgl files I have used. What I was wondering is there a tool that compiles the .bgl files and textures together into a nice package that I can zip up and post? or Do...
  7. crazieman_47

    making your tires "float"

    Please Delete no one seems Interested.
  8. crazieman_47

    Night Vision? Possible?

    I've been recently opened to the Wonderful View of Night Vision in X-plane. SO I did a search for FSX and found a Video of a application for Night Vision for fs2004 non-downloadable. Now my idea was to create a semi transparent "panel" of green which does not work too well! So I just made...
  9. crazieman_47

    Adding/Removing Autogen Landclass

    So I'm trying to Create Mabel Lake, BC Air park where you can fly in and park your plane at your cabin. My issue is, I have added a Exclude Autogen/landclass Map and a Flatten area, also I have Tried to put on top of that a Landclass/Golf Course. But it does not show up in FSX. I am using GenX...